Has anybody successfully sold pogba to market

  • Has anybody sold pogba to market in the past 7 days successfully ? And if so what price did you list him at?

    I’m going to hold most of my shares as it’s pointless whilst the cue is to big. On the bright side pogba seems to be very up and down all the time. (Hopefully he stays at United and he will get a big rise) or media opens up to Europe which he should still get media divdends quite a bit being the star player of the team he joins Also his pb would surely be better than at United.


  • @NewUser5559 no one will be selling Pogba within a week. His price has dropped almost 50p in 7 days. You’ll be waiting at least a couple weeks to market sell, probably longer

  • If somebody listed him last week they will be first in the cue I would imagine

  • Anyone sold him to market lately and what price did you list ?

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