Cheap young players

  • I’ve just got a few shares in 2 young players that are on the books of premiership clubs and marco van ginkel from Chelsea.

    marco van ginkel @ 0.42p
    He’s 27 now and will be moving on from Chelsea this summer. He’s fit again an has been training with the team for some time.

    aleix garcia @ 0.44p
    On City’s books. Been loaned out a few times. Very young 22 year old Spanish midfielder. Very talented and looks like he will be moving on this summer.

    bartosz kapustka @ 0.45p
    Been at Leicester but never made it because of injury issues. Again very talented young (23) polish midfielder.

    What Brendan Rogers had to say about him -

    “He’s a young player who broke on the scene for Poland at the Euros in 2016. He did very well. Nobody knew much about him.
    “He came to Leicester, went out on loan, and has been unfortunate with the injury.
    “But certainly from what I’ve seen in training, he’s been impressive. He’s worked hard to get back. He’s technically gifted, he’s sharp, he looks like he wants to score a goal.

    What do people think about these 3 players?

  • Once I can have a bit more confidence that Van Ginkel is actually moving to PB league I’ll get on him probably, cause he looks a real player just hampered with injuries and a victim of Chelsea’s loan system. But right now he’s going back to Holland, so he’s too risky, even if I miss getting in on him at 42p - I just don’t think he’s worth the risk.

    Not too sure about the other players don’t know much about them, but especially that Leicester guy, there must be a similar thing of getting stuck with him if he moves to a non-PB League.

  • All seen like players that have a real risk of drifting away. One of those where you would invest in 4-5 similar players and hope that 1-2 come off and give you a 100% Roi on both. Risk is high, stake is low, reward is okay.

  • Think they are a risk, hence the price. García is leaving city after a fine season on loan.

    I’ve already played a lot of games, and clubs can see what I’ve done. The teams that are interested know me. I think I’ve shown good things and proved that I can play in another team next year.”

    That was from two weeks ago. So clubs are interested in him. Think it’s very much worth the risk at 44p

    The other two are quality players that at the right club will be £1 easy (in PB league).

    Yes it’s risky, but the low price means I’m confident in all three

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