Sergio Ramos

  • Hey Guys

    Can someone give me any advise on whether to keep or sell my futures in Ramos?

    If any of you are keeping your futures in him then please explain why and also any of you please explain why you don't own any futures in him....



  • my strategy for him is pb. He has been good for pb and his price has also steadily rising. He will play for Spain in wc which gives further chances of pb and retaining his price. Real will go into the next round of the CL most likely too. He misses the next cl leg but it's only one game.

    Of course if your strategy is short term flipping then perhaps you could sell and look to make a gain elsewhere so your money isn't stagnant.

  • Me personally I would hold him as he's gonna play (unless real mess it up) in the next round of the champions league. And he'll be in the Spain team also who I feel will get minimum semi finals from the world cup. So plenty more growth in him yet. Based on his age however I would sell before the world cup finishes and Spain go out. But alot of people may have a different view to me on whether/when to sell. But defo hold for now in my opinion.
    I also don't own any Ramos fyi

  • @AndyP32 you're too late to sell him now best holding and waiting as there was a sell off last night when he picked up the suspension

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