Bruno Fernandes: Can He Repeat This Seasons Dividend Successes Next Season? Warning This Is A Poll

  • Can Fernandes continue to return the same dividends returns going into next season? What potentially could be the greatest threat to that. Transfer rumours abound around who might come in in the transfer window. The make up of the Manchester United team is likely to be very different to this one. Jadon Sancho at Manchester United young and English likely to compete heavily for mb but would he compete for pb? Or maybe an attacking goal scoring midfielder such as Kai Havertz who has been linked. His pb scores could be decent in a top team.

    What about the threats from the current squad? A resurgent Pogba? He's got all the tools to be a very good dividend earner. What say all of you?

  • I'm not too worried about Pogba overtaking him, I think he does more to effect a game in terms of headlines etc. Sancho arriving would be a blow IMO, he'd be the shiny new toy for the newspapers to write about

  • @ChazFI123 if Sancho does come to Utd he’d mainly be competing for MB imo. No chance he out scores Bruno on PB if he stays classed as a mid. If he came and was reclassified as a fwd he’d then have to compete with Rashford, and in all honestly I’d prefer Rashford in my port than Sancho.

  • @ChazFI123 agree but sancho being reclassified as a forward would help. Otherwise I don’t see sancho taking much pb of Bruno

  • I'm not sure if Pogba will be there. You here so much media both ways. Itd be interesting to see them both in the same team. I hope it can happen this season 🤞

  • @Jdog @Andy most of Bruno's dividends have come from MB which he would lose most of if Sancho joined as it would be a record transfer for the club, young English player etc. The threat to Bruno isn't him losing his PB, it's him losing his MB IMO

  • @ChazFI123 that’s if Bruno’s form dips. If Bruno carries on playing similar level t what he is and doing crazy chips against city they will win the league.

  • I voted for a resurgent Pogba. But one thing about Sancho is, in the last few games I watched him before the virus outbreak he was actually taking a fair amount of corners. If he keeps taking them at Dortmund it’ll obviously help his PB.
    However IF he joins Utd I wouldn’t expect him to be on them

  • @Jdog lol I support United and I don't think we'll win the league. 3rd, maybe even second. But there's a still a few holes and the squad is still quite thin in terms of Championship winning quality

  • @ChazFI123 said in Bruno Fernandes: Can He Repeat This Seasons Dividend Successes Next Season? Warning This Is A Poll:

    The threat to Bruno isn't him losing his PB, it's him losing his MB IMO

    He's won 170p since January with a big chunk due to his transfer saga (which has now happened so won't be repeated) however he has already proved to have the PB game to win regularly, which will help replace some lost MB & generate more MB from game winning performances. He may not win as much over such a short time period but I think he will comfortably be in the top 10 dividend earners on the index for the foreseeable future.

    Dividends underpin the value of any player so when looking to buy & hold proven winners he will make most shortlists along with Messi, Neymar et al (& his record will compare favourably with anyone) which is actually far more important than who is playing with or against him. I think he will comfortably top the Man Utd dividend earners over the next few seasons whoever is there & as we all know they are the media darling club, so his MB wins will almost certainly follow, subject to whatever the current MB review finally proposes. This makes him one of the safest buy/holds on the index IMHO.

  • All of the above... And the fact the transfer has happened. Still think in terms of premiums he's way better value than some tho cos he will hold mb and PB potential

  • When Pogba was playing a big concern amongst the market was if Pogba took penalties or not as I guess folk saw it impacting on scores. Fernandes takes a mean penalty but if a Harry Kane was to join do you think this would be a concern?

  • @Dalian-Smith Why Do You Start Every Word With A Capital Letter In The Title Of The Thread?

  • @Yellow I'm a bit OCD in real life. Apologies.

  • @Gregolocky exactly

  • @Dalian-Smith said in Bruno Fernandes: Can He Repeat This Seasons Dividend Successes Next Season? Warning This Is A Poll:

    @Yellow I'm a bit OCD in real life. Apologies.

    No need to apologise, I was only asking because I'm stuck at home and have nothing better to do than constantly refresh the forum 👍

  • @Yellow 👍

  • Everyone needs to remember he is on penalties for man united. We know what happens to a players price when that happens. Bruno Bruno

  • @Dalian-Smith you missed out an ‘option’ - ‘none of the above’. Fernandes will shine in PB and MB over the next three years. Will rightfully be the king of the index, once transfers are over 👍🏼

  • Ffs, this exactly why I didnt want polls. All the options s on the poll do nothing but undermine him and put doubt in holders and buyers minds. You could do this for any player on the index . Good if you want to drive a player down and buy in😉

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