Faitout maouassa (other potential position changing beneficiaries)

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    21 year old who has played every game at left back and is classified as a midfielder. So, should get a position change soon. Pb peak of 205. 26 games 3 goals and 2 assists for a full back isn’t half bad. If he was classified as a defender in the last game he played would have got a pb score of 240. 7.02 rating on who scored and has played 3 matches in the europa league this season. Doesn’t seem to be a player that will stay at Rennes for too long. I’m in for 300.

  • I've been keeping an eye on this guy for a while now, and not jumped the gun as of yet- really want to. I personally dont think he will stay at Rennes for too long either. Be interesting to see where he is at the end of the season after the transfer window.

  • @Jdog
    I like him. I have him on my watchlist along with Hassane Kamara who is also an attacking LWB/FB in Ligue1, playing for Reims. Also classified as a midfielder but should see a decent rise IF he is reclassified as a defender.

    Kamara was linked with Lyon and some Premier League clubs in January. Would expect him and Maoussa to move on to bigger and better things in the next year.

  • @pompeyjosh1990 one that benefits if there is a return to footie with his brilliant form and one who it doesn’t matter if it doesn’t as will more than likely get a transfer this summer. A defender at a big team I.e arsenal or something can see him being 1.20-1.40

  • @Vaughany yh I agree. Even if he’s not reclassified will rise with a transfer ofc. U would think that he will be reclassified tho. I’ll give the other guy a check.

  • I bought 200 at just over 50p for that reason. Added to the fact that using IndexGain his stats looked good. Admittedly they don't look quite as good now he’s not 50p but they still look decent. Add to the fact he may change position and he still looks value.


  • Pretty sure he was highest rated player on who scored in Ligue 1 for anyone in march

  • @Jdog

    Ocampos should be changed to fwd soon.

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