Wober move to PB league?

  • One of my older holds, who I foolishly sold with the plan of buying back into with the deposit bonus cash.

    However I’ve deposited some more having just seen the first talk of a possible move to Lyon.

    RB Salzburg defender plays CB and full back regular for them playing 90 mins and chips in with assists.

    Euro 2022 with Austria and at 58p (up 4p in the last hour) I feel is a decent hold for some CA with a move to a team who plays youth.

    ![0_1586435960604_5DF5D2E8-6594-45BE-8572-DCA9DC4007E3.png](Uploading 0%)

  • @Sav2000 just picked up 500. Could be a good PB hold and if your looking for a player to move from non PB to PB you really want em to go to France cos theyll have weak opposition most of the time.

  • @MickTurbo yeah gutted I sold at 52p (IS) just before spreads increased to buy some MB holds; hoping I got back on before he rose to much.

  • Yeh if the move comes off your on at an exceptional price. I pushed him to 59p just before posting

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