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    Matija nastasic is a good buy at 55p a young regular for schalke and also a very good Serbia team,Corentin Tolisso is a little more expensive at £1:14 but is getting games for Bayern Munich and has a chance of getting in the France squad-also munas Dabbur atjust 46p has an excellent goal scoring record for red bull Salzburg and must be attracting bigger clubs-he plays in the Europa league on Thursday.

  • @NewUser122320 Dont know much or anything about the 2 cheap ones, will go and have a look now, but %100 agree with you on Tolisso, I really can understand his price, BM payed a lot for him, he's a semi regular now, last 4 of CL, very good chance of making the France team, you would be hard pushed to find a player In the last 4 of CL and in the squad for one of the favourite to win the WC for under £2 IMO

  • Gotta disagree with that one myself (not Tolisso, he's very tempting) but there are quite a few players under £2 that will start for a starring country in the WC and in the CL Semi's.

    Varane, Modric (Croatia not a favourite), Hakimi (yeah okay Morocco have zero chance) - Ramos, Marcelo and Casemiro (only just over £2)

    Hummels, Boateng

    Alba, Pique, Paulinho, Iniesta, Busquets, Rakitic (Croatia as above) - Umtiti (just over £2)

    Can?, masses of England players but I don't think we can be classified as a favourite :-)

  • Tolisso is nearly under £1 though, most of your selections were defenders, which command a much cheaper price a well

  • nastasic is cheap, WC bound and playing regular football at top team - good find.

    I am sweet on M’Baye Niang, Torino. Cheap, Summer move highly likely as on loan from AC Milan and a bit nuts (like Balotelli)

  • @SMacFI Right but he said he agreed on Tolisso and was disagreeing with the statement " you would be hard pushed to find a player In the last 4 of CL and in the squad for one of the favourite to win the WC for under £2", not " you would be hard pushed to find a midfielder/forward In the last 4 of CL and in the squad for one of the favourite to win the WC for a bit over £1"...

  • @Agatello Hakimi is out of contract in June too, deputised well for Carvajal, wouldn't be surprised to see him making a move to get 1st team football.

    But on the original theme, not sure if I'd consider 87p cheap for a young defender.

  • That's only if you subscribe to the misconception (in my humble opinion) that Defenders are that much less valuable than Midfielders. Most teams play 1 up top and the attacking midfielders also cross that border into the FWD category which has a premium that can't be denied.

    However, since the mass influx I'm not too sure that there's much difference between DEF's and MID's.

    On that statement I will now go check out AS''s excellent info on Twitter! :-) I might be talking cr*p :-)

  • @Agatello I think England can be classified as a favourite. Kane is as good a goalscorer as Neymar. Alli and Wilshere are good. Rashford and Sterling are as good as Hazard or Gabriel Jesus. It's only at the back where we have a problem with Stones and Dier not being as good as Ramos or Mascherano. Our Goalkeepers are as good as any.

  • @NewUser59855 goalkeepers are all off form domestically. And at the back only Stones and maybe walker at a push have the technical ability to play out the way Southgate wants. And in the midfield only Sterling has the same creativity as Hazard etc that you mentioned. Kane I would agree is up there tho but all the build up play is poor. Rashford slows it down too much and only if you get the likes of Alli and Lingard on form to help out Sterling will you stand any chance. They'll get through their group as it's the easiest but won't get any further in my opinion.

  • Jonathan Bamba, (72p) Out of contract with St Etienne, 23 games 6 goals 6 assist represented France at every level, currently 3 goals in 10 games at U21, linked with a few premiership clubs

    Dani Garcia (58p) few Premiership links free transfer in the summer. Plays for porto Strong Lazio links also out of contract.

    Deigo Reyes (64p) 1 of only 2 player on my list not in the top 5 leagues, 52 capas for Mexico so will be going to the WC so will be in the shop window, Plays for Porto, Strong Lazio links also out of contract so a good good world cup and am sure there will be many more teams after him as a free contract.

    Kwadwo Asamoah (61p) plays for Juventus, Also out of contract, Chelsea, Everton , Roma and Inter to name but a few all after him.

    Amin Younes (82p) Ajax player apparently agreed a contract with Napoli but trying to get out of it to go to Germany instead.

    Marco Acuna (55p) Only player on my list thats not a free transfer plays for Sporting CP, so will play in the EL tonight 8 caps for Arginine so could go to the WC , a google search brings up some impressive articles and transfer links.

    All dirt cheap, massively under valued as been over shadowed by the WC, all but one out of contract in the summer so every man and his dog will be after there signature, so you know the transfer will defiantly happen, IMO i can see everyone of these players break the £1 barrier easy come the business end of the transfer window, Plus with english clubs being able to afford the biggest wages, most will end up in England.

  • @NewUser59855 sterling as good as hazard hahahahaha not even close

  • @SMacFI dani garcia plays for eibar????

  • Oussama Haddadi is a decent option, if you're looking for a cheap (circa 30p) player. 26 years old, plays regularly for Dijon in the French top flight and will be at the World Cup with Tunisia (in England's group). Might be best to wait until next week though, as his priced has spiked today.

  • @NewUser115475 said in Cheap players:

    @SMacFI dani garcia plays for eibar????

    Yes mate, but out of contract in the summer.

  • @NewUser115475 Why? Hazard is an off and on player. He's no good if he only plays well 1/2 the time. Sterling is more consistent.

  • They're both attacking players who create chances and score goals. Both have world class players around them and I think both are of a similar quality and score goals also.

  • Bought some Pezzella from Udinese, young up and coming, has started a few matches this year and set to be a first realer next season, Udinese has been doing poorly this year but they are well capable of good seasons and certainly a selling club hence their good players are always sniffed around by bigger clubs, huge upside potential there for those patient enough

  • @NewUser59855 more consistent???? this is the first season in his career he's scored more than 9 goals.

  • @SMacFI still doesnt explain why you said he plays for porto????

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