New Article: IRISHFI tells us how condensing his port from 20 to 5 went.

  • @IRISHFI tells us how his strategy move from a 20 player portfolio condensed to just 5 players went. Many thanks to John for writing a very interesting hindsight.

    Comments part of the site should all be set to go now with no need to sign up as a member.

    To compare to John, my port is current 164 players! I have been trying to condense it, but managed to get down to 160 from 250 ish, seem stuck around 160.

    Get in touch if you have a hindsight, insight or foresight to share!

  • Another decent read, be nice if they started to get longer; I like the bite size ones but something more meaty would be good

  • @Sav2000 does the link work ok for you?

    Can alway write longer...was concerned people dont want to read much though...will try it out.

  • @Sav2000 set the bar mate... We are hoping for more guest articles... Gives wider content... Different topics and strategies etc.

  • You know what I've been inspired to do another poll on portfolio sizes. Good work chaps. Always a good read👍

  • @Vespasian32 already said I would but until COVID is done and dusted I’m flat out at work

  • @Westy link works fine, I read the athletic as the reads are more in depth; not suggesting that but I do enjoy reading football and FI related content I’m sure many others are the same.

  • @Sav2000 have been looking into getting the athletic. Think they will have the scoops on summer transfers?

  • @Westy yeah they certainly talk in more depth about teams and their needs but without lazy gossip

  • Another good read. I am also going to subscribe to The Athletic using the FIG's 50% off discount code but I am waiting for sport to resume before signing up for a year.

  • @Westy Out of interest how many shares do you hold? And what are the largest and smallest number of shares in a hold?

  • @Martyn-B
    165 players
    Largest shares= 1055 Max Arnold
    Least shares = 5 several (active watch list/try n flip small div wins)
    Most money = Rashford £3.2k
    Most divs = Neymar £604
    Favourite holds = Bruno, going to be the first to return cost through dividends alone. Trent, over 400% roi, Neymar, keeps the port ticking over nicely.
    Worst current hold= Rabiot, money been sat doing nothing for ages, but I still see potential.
    Biggest loss= Beric

    Port is very messy, have a list of players to sell at next peaks and a list to top up on.

  • @Westy

    Wow!! Thanks for sharing, that sounds like a bitch to manage and maintain. I used to hold 70 players but found the small PB wins frustrating, I had done the research, chosen the correct player but hadn't made a sizeable enough bet for decent returns. I halved my portfolio and my sweet spot is around 35. Currently hold 46 as I have some extra bargain PB players to offload next season.

    For comparison:-
    38,910 shares, 46 players, average hold of 845. Only two holds under 500, both my current cheap dividends top-ups at 250 and 260. Largest hold is three holds of 2,000.

    Like @IRISHFI found, I love the thrill of matchdays. Listening to the radio, watching the PB scoreboard, watching live results and final scores coming in, having the current PB leader and then hoping for challengers to be subbed off or booked or games to finish, cheering on some random team to score to deny a GWG to a PB challenger. Having a handful of players and no player in action on many matchdays sounds dull, even if it is more profitable!!

    Keep up the good work!! 👍

  • @Martyn-B it resonated with me a fair bit... I like holding lots of shares in a few players I think are best place on a particular trend. But when I do it I get a bit bored not having many players for matchdays. As a result I naturally bloat and shrink my port at different times of season... I'll have most players when there is the most football I. E. When European group stages get underway... Then shrink port into those key pb players who make the latter knockout stages and shrink even more into key media targets from summer. Good balance of strategy to make money and have fun.

    Atm I'm holding more players than usual cos buying the dip was very tempting... 31 players 31,000 shares... Quite small holdings as well compare to usual... A 5000 and a 300 book ending it but most are 600/700

  • @Vespasian32 Sounds sensible. You have always been a more fluid trader than @Westy or I and I am sure your profits are usually higher than ours. Obviously you also run the risk of being caught "off trend" as happened to you recently and then paying a financial penalty to shift strategy.

    I always loved matchdays, long before FI or having a bet. Now I have a financial reason, as well as an entertainment or emotional reason for following the matches. I must be one of the few traders not to have Sky or BT sports. I always preferred radio commentary and I can follow FI online whilst listening.

    FI is great, there are so many ways to play and win and very interesting to hear the various strategies in play. Thanks for sharing and your insights as usual.

  • Thanks gents very interesting reading for myself being relatively new, especially sharing information you don't have too, some different trading stratergies from wise and experienced posters is invaluable and appreciated in striving to get a similar portfolio.

  • @Westy Just read the article and found it quite interesting, website changes look better also well done.

  • @Westy another good read 👍

    I started by being very diverse and had 50 players with between 25 and 50 shares each but found the dividend returns were too insignificant to be useful to help building portfolio value so shrunk my port to 20 players now with between 100 and 500 shares each, it allows for much better compound returns whilst still giving the buzz on most match days with player involvement

  • Really like the post. I'm going to try and get my port down to 5 players soon.

  • This post is deleted!

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