Fun vs profit (poll)

  • Both are important to me and I assume to most of us... But which is most important to you as an FI customer?

  • Both? That's the aim. Difficult to choose for me. I definitely wouldn't be enjoying it if I wasn't in profit.

  • Voted for profit. I've had times when I've been absolutely smashing it, and a couple of times where the market has dropped frighteningly and ppl have actually feared for the future of the index. I know which times I've enjoyed more! Profit breeds enjoyment for me, not the other way around

  • @Vespasian32 I’m surprised you voted ‘fun’...I know you’re talented on here so maybe it can be both...certainly not for me,& I’m only small fish

  • This platform is visionary and it is in its infancy.. Wait till this goes global and all of us early traders will be coming along for the ride..

    Love the fun of researching football but this is a long term investment for me..

  • @Friedeggs for me the two are invariably intertwined that it's hard to seperate them let alone choose between them..

    But I lean towards the fun side. When the product started it was just MB... And my understanding is there was no instant sell functionality too. I wouldn't have lasted 5 mins... It wouldn't have been much fun I don't think... Not for me anyway as media is usually nailed on between a handful of players pretty early most days... Especially back then with so few players eligible.

    I enjoy trading... I buy and sell pretty much every day unless I'm abroad! I enjoy the thriving communities of the forum and lately twitter.

    Using this forum has completely replaced using football manager forum I used to be a member of (I always need some form of engagement whilst working!). It's also replaced fantasy footy for me

    I enjoy thinking of different strategies... Watching games with an FI hat on... Buying played for random match days just to add some spice to the televised games

    Proof that fun edges profit for me is some of the trades I make... Where they definitely aren't bought cos I think they are the best value... I do it for challenge, banter... Or simply the gamble at times. Messi is a challenge to time the market... El Ghazi/Onomah types for the banter/punt

    If I was purely here for profit I'd make more sensible risk averse choices and leave it alone to mature. I play a riskier strategy of course with the aim of making high profits, but perfectly happy to accept losing bets as it provides the buzz of traditional gambling etc.

    All that said... It probably wouldn't be fun and I wouldn't have used the product this long if I'd been making losses. So profit is essential.

  • I voted fun. Obviously if i wasnt making profit it wouldnt be fun but if it wasnt fun while i was making money then it would feel too much like work and i dont want two jobs and no life.

  • Even if you saw FI purely as a game, the aim of the game would still be to make profit

  • @Notanyoldnewuser that's the aim... Like playing poker.. The aim is to take the other players chips' but you can all have fun playing... Not just the winner.

  • Fun 100%

  • @Vespasian32 yeah just saying its the attempt at making profit that makes it fun. I don't know what else people find fun on the platform- watching the ticker and pissing people off in the forum maybe?😂

  • @Notanyoldnewuser haha many ways to enjoy FI! Those are two of my favs!

  • I have fun making a profit

  • Ask yourself if you’d have fun losing and you get your answer!

  • Banned

    Profit, I don't care about fun.

  • Profit will produce fun ...

  • There is no profit until you exit FI or at least have zero net spend. That will be years away for me. Until then it needs to be fun...

  • @Vespasian32

    FI what a platform been on 14 months playing with real capital it has to be for profit at the same time it’s a fun platform

  • I'm on zero net spend but I've got a feeling the funs not quite started yet. But with football matches and transfer windows to come it could be just round the corner.

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