• Just wanted to apologise for acting and posting like an absolute dick a few weeks ago.

    It’s extremely unlike me to not take a good joke and banter as I’m normally the one doing that with my mates and work colleagues all the time. Love a great bit of banter!!

    Also suggesting that FI were just pleasing the big boys was a bit OTT as in fact they’ve made moves and decisions that have protected this platform and all our investments.

    The forum is actually full of great people in the main, with great advice and excellent banter.

    Hope some of you can accept this apology.

    Looking forward to many years on this awesome platform. It certainly is better then a savings account and rewards a bit of football knowledge.

  • Good stuff mate we all go off on a rant now and then and a lot the time these rants reflect how a lot of us are feeling. It wouldnt be as exciting without ups and the downs. 👍

  • Fairplay mate,it takes a bit of courage and character to say what you have.Mind you I haven't got a clue what you're on about as unfortunately I wasn't there(I do like a good bit of banter),but hope those that were can forgive you if offended. I wish you all the best mate and look forward to arguing and agreeing with you in the future.

  • @Erased-Citizen have to ask, how your port looking now?

    I was quite PB heavy and got caught out as well.....but a few weeks later on and I find myself astonished at how quickly the value of my port has bounced back. The only likely mb winners I have are messi and trent and have probably provided me with just over 1% roi since lockdown, but my port has regained a good 7% and am now only sitting about 70 quid off my all time high and considering I'm seeing between 10 and 30 quid increase daily it shouldn't take too much longer to get to where I was previously. The majority of the rise can be attributed to just 5 players of my 20 man port and this with most countries not even considering removal of lockdowns, so just imagine what might happen as we get closer to football resuming.

    Anyway, hope you've found yourself in a similar situation, chin up

  • @Erased-Citizen
    Just awuestion, are you making more money now ? :-)
    Hope you are. My portfolio has gone through the roof.

  • @Ddr @King-Fergus my port had dropped down to just 1.8% profit from nearly 11% following the fall and with the spreads not allowing me to shift the money from mainly PB to MB I’ve had to sit it out.

    I’m now sitting at just short of 8% and still rising but I have also extended my port from 20 to 30 players. I still don’t have any of the big MB players (only Bruno and I’ve had his shares listed for a couple of weeks now) as I don’t have the sort of cash to buy the number of shares you need to play the dividend game.

    My portfolio is mainly aimed at cap appreciation and PB with me having shares in players raging from 15 shares up to 80 shares in some.

    I’m just topping up and currently set to receive just short of £70 back from the 8.5% offer.

    Just wish Market Sell would hurry up as I’ve had six players listed for just over two weeks now haha

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