Promotion and religation.

  • Foootball leagues seem determined to do this rather than void. Surly good news for potential promotion players?

  • @NewUser303261

    I only joined just before CV and this was my first tactic. I bought some Leeds, West Brom and Benevento players. If they don’t get promoted then that’s a few quid down the pan... as much as I’d like to think Man U and Chelsea will be fighting over Bamford and Robson-Kanu!!!

    Seriously though, I thought promotion and therefore exposure would push the price up a bit. There was actually international speculation about them both and if they did manage to score the odd PL goal then a small increase could’ve happened. I know they’re not the most fashionable/young players but thought it was a sensible shout. Even if they got transferred this summer there’d be spec, maybe send them up a few pennies... like I say though, the idea might yet fall flat on its face!

    It’s catch 22 though because had we not paused for CV I wouldn’t have been able to pause, learn, formulate an actual strategy and build for the return of football.

  • I’ve just taken the leap on Daniel Didavi at 26p. Admittedly he is 30, however he has the potential to hit monster PB scores if Stuttgart get promoted.

    He has scored 6 goals and registered 3 assists in 17 games in the second division - over 90 minutes that is a goal contribution of 0.6 per game.

    He has averaged 1.6 shots, 2.6 key passes and 6 crosses per game as well.

    He takes corners and free kicks for Stuttgart who average well over 60% possession per game.

    Even in previous seasons in the top flight for Stuttgart and Wolfsburg he replicates these sort of stats.

    Obviously his CA is limited due to age, but if he transfers these scores to the Bundesliga then there’s no reason why he can’t be pushing closer to the £1 mark.

  • @ZakStag

    Borna Sosa at Stuttgart joins the list of players I flirted with, didn’t buy then soared!

    I do hope leagues are completed though because if they don’t then it’s unfair on people who had the foresight to buy these players... though I appreciate life/death is more important!

  • @PaulM great player, own him Didavi and Nicolas Gonzalez.

    I think Stuttgart are a fantastic team who will do really will if promoted. They’re a team that really dominates play, although obviously will be harder to do in the top division.

    I’m not too worried about the leagues being voided, o don’t think they will be. If they are then the Bundesliga have discussed promoting the top 4 teams from the 2nd division straight up, and there being no relegation from the top division this year.

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