• a lot of articles about paqueta leaving, kind of love the way theyve only played him as a defensive mid and given up, even pirlo told gattuso to try him att mid.

    Poor lad is too young to realise how much ther damaging his career

  • Troublesome hold.....,
    He has so much potential, but never seems to fulfill it. He does need to move on, but where to is the worry. It will probably be a PB club, if he can find one prepared to take the risk. However, he was suffering from depression, which I read as homesickness. A move back to South America would kill him as a hold, no value at all as he will never come back.

    I held for ages hoping he would turn into a golden boy, but bit the bullet and sold for a loss. I’m in no rush to buy back in.

  • just had a read.. i think its important to understand the difference between depression as a mental problem and depression due to being managed badly and treated terribly by a complete numpty.

    We will see where he ends up

  • Huge potential, 22y/o, needs to find game time

  • @Ringers I was looking at getting involved as I thought his price was considerable value. However i have seen that there are significant amount of links to the Portuguese league which won't do his price any favours.

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