The No Net Buy Bonus Position

  • Is there anybody out there know for definite they won't be getting a bonus. How do we play this? Do we buy, sell or sit tight?

  • I'm sitting tight at least for another few weeks, I'm going to get the bonus then reinvest,maybe not straight away but when I know more about current situation

  • I'm not getting the bonus but Im aware that there potentially could be some rocketing of prices in the coming weeks. I'm just considering whether there is any profit to be made. I won't have the cushion of a deposit bonus.

  • @Dalian-Smith i wont be i getting it a havent spent a penny of my dividends or cash balance. I usually keep cash aside to dump in on these bonuses but with the large spreads and limited spending i wasn’t confident that for 8% i would see enough cap app or even be able to sell the shares once the bonus ends

  • @Black-wolf I imagine there's a quite a few feel this way. A return to football is the spark this place needs. Hopefully some development on that front prior to the bonus deadline will have the money flowing through the coffers.

  • If anyone has money to put into FI then now is the time. Loads of players down on there peaks who will get back there and the added cuision of 8% cash. Absolute no brainer

  • I've got diddly to put in. No 8% cushion. Its a yes brainer for me to work out what to do next. But good luck to all that can put money in👍

  • If I do invest. Itd have to be a player who's maybe had a dip or plateaued for the last month yet the future is still bright. If anyone sees anybody like that let me know.

  • @Dalian-Smith half the platform then🤷‍♂️👍

  • @Impulsesplurger said in The No Net Buy Bonus Position:

    @Dalian-Smith half the platform then🤷‍♂️👍

    It's the other half I was appealing to but thanks.👍

  • @AndydfopT completely agree. I think it's to easy to over think and try and be to clever. Its not like it's easy just to buy up and sell your port just to suit periods of the market. Thats just my trading style to take a longer term view and over trading doesnt interest me, just a bit of tweaking here and there. It's a growing market!

  • Not going to buy anymore players now. Going to hold back until after the bonus, I have a feeling that’s when we will see some IPOs.

  • @Dalian-Smith what the half with no growth🤔. No I was being serious tbf, I've got 39 player mixed port and there all going along quite well. Even the ones in the blue seem to be coming good at the mo.
    Screen shot of Akieme we were discussing a few days ago;
    0_1586617844621_Screenshot_20200411-160618_Football INDEX.jpg

  • @ZakStag That's probably a decent shout. There's a few I'm chasing. I wonder if they'll drop any prior to bonus. That might test a few stubborn balances.

  • @Impulsesplurger I haven't got an 8% cushion. I'm anticipating alot of soft rises that may dip after bonus. If im getting in now I'm not really looking for someone rising or has risen significantly recently.

  • @ZakStag said in The No Net Buy Bonus Position:

    Not going to buy anymore players now. Going to hold back until after the bonus, I have a feeling that’s when we will see some IPOs.

    I believe one of the FI staff had said that new IPO’s are unlikely until the Nasdaq partnership goes live as the last time they did IPO’s they thought they’d ironed out all the problems but found out the current system cant handle the pace or demand. I think we will have a short period on the Nasdaq system before they test IPO’s on it

  • @Dalian-Smith fair enough. I cant see players dropping that far that you would be better to wait tbf with instant sell off the table. FI may well put out a promotion aswel. I can see a big rise in June when self employed get paid in one lump.
    I used the example of Akieme because when we were discussing him a few days ago he hadn't had a rise which is what you said you were looking for. Hes had over 17% rise for me since and then 8.25% bonus I cant see him dropping that massively after 23rd April with the spreads as they are.

  • The bonus pay out is quite near pay day, and getting nearer to fixtures coming back, with IS off I don't think we will see the drops like usual.

    I think we will see market listing of mb based players, but gradual growth in pb players.

    I also expect FI to roll out another promotion, as they do lots anyway, but also due to competitors stepping up for their customers.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Not getting a bonus and have taken chance to cash in a big chunk of profit. Sitting tight on some holds but trying to time the market sell of others so they aren't caught in the inevitable dip post-bonus payouts.

    I know some are confidently predicting no big dip but it's a big unknown in current economic climate. Depends how many need to take some money back out.

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