Riyad Mahrez!

  • What're your thoughts on Riyad Mahrez over the summer transfer? Likely to go to a top club and possibly double in price, I feel like £2.20 is a bargain for a player of his quality, only downside is Algeria don't have a place in the WC.

  • Overpriced atm Nothing will happen for him for a good few months so his price will go down.

    Your rationale is solid but i think there will be opportunities to get him cheaper at the end of the season once everyone starts getting there portfolio ready for the world cup

  • He peaked at £2.56 when the Man City deal almost went through at the end of the January window. Obviously the market has grown since then and will continue to do so but I'd be very surprised if he went above 4.40. Would he be playing every week at his new club? Let's imagine it's City: sure you have De Bruyne (maybe player of the year) up around those prices and Sane above £4 for some reason unclear to me, but Bernardo is currently under £2 and David Silva (though admittedly considerably older) has the World Cup with Spain and is under £3. I could see Mahrez passing £3 before a transfer if he's picking up media buzz and then dropping to about £2.50 until people see what kind of PB scores he's hitting at whatever bigger club he ends up at.

  • @BL__FI agree i think he will more than likely reach £3ish rather than £4ish. As for his playing chances at city anyone keeping him after his transfer will have missed an opportunity as for me the bulk of the profit in this trade will come from the transfer

  • Yeah what I'm thinking is cashing out on the transfer profit rather than holding for PB at new club.

  • @TradingJournal Really? I would have thought if people haven't got their WC players by now they're going to be over-paying? Interesting theme for another thread possibly - whether people have already bought their WC players and are now just topping up.

    I noticed I was often playing catch up so bought my WC players / CL / EL players during Xmas I think, started buying summer media / transfer prospects after the Jan transfer window closed and their prices dropped back down, the Mahrez retirement hack was useful :-D

  • Way underpriced imo, 27 great age, transfer will happen on the Summer, PB will come as he settles into new club and keen to impress and a wand of a left foot.
    Ex player of the year and will be superb at a big club.
    FI / Football funny old game and with different opinions... makes it fun.

  • @AT10 i think some/most traders will have world cup players in there port already but i think all traders will be topping up on players they already own and adding more so a lot of money will still come out of non-world cup players like mahrez making them better value

  • @Happy-Hornet the way im looking at it is he likely to drop before now and his price rise. I would say yes because he has no meaningful fixtures for the rest of season and no world cup.

    So i agree with you all that in the summer he will reach 3+ plus but i believe i could get him for cheaper than £2.20 at some point in the next couple months so thats why for me he is over priced atm

  • @TradingJournal

    Interesting - my thought process is that with a 7p spread and 2% comm for selling, the price will have an uptick with people buying in for the Summer move (that may happen during WC as likely early move for his and Leicester benefit & benefit for FI holders of Mahrez during WC MB bonus). I don’t see any sellers taking money out between now and the early Summer..

    We will see..

  • Really depends who comes in for him, me personally hes currently over priced currently, I think Man city have lost interest, Arsenal would also have bought him by now if they were , so he could end up at Roma,

  • @Happy-Hornet Traders were instant selling Salah and Dybala with much higher spreads and commission over the last two days. Short term selling is very common i find weather it makes sense or doesnt make sense

  • Think his price will slowly rise from now until the end of the season and them really ramp up in may as the media transfer frenzy starts. IMO he could reach £3.50 - £3.75 depending on which club then likely drop of 40-50p once it goes through.

  • @NewUser108616 said in Riyad Mahrez!:

    Think his price will slowly rise from now until the end of the season and them really ramp up in may as the media transfer frenzy starts. IMO he could reach £3.50 - £3.75 depending on which club then likely drop of 40-50p once it goes through.

    Again depends on clubs, granted he always seems to hold an over priced value which i have never under stood, in my opinion, £3 when you can get top proven PB players for that price, also Leicester have shown they will fight tooth and nail to hold him, me personally a very risky trade, but good luck to you.

  • I got in on him at 1.88, very close to his 3 month low! I went heavy based on the assumption he will be leaving! I’m up 19.68% atm but I’m targeting £3. I think this will be one of my better investments!

  • @SMacFI agreed. I'm taking a punt that the saga of the past 2 windows will end with Leicester finally admitting defeat and allowing him to leave. I suspect after Jan they have agreed to let him go in the summer for a more reasonable fee.

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