Age comparison

  • Im Tempted to buy some Arsenal youth. But then you see young players like G.jesus and Bernardo much cheaper. They are still developing so how do we decide, (im not convinced by this valuing divs over their entire career)

  • Emile Smith-Rowe is great value at £1.44 baring in mind he’s still only 19. A prem loan next season beckons for him I think.

  • @kaka8

    Bernardo is a proven player and Euro destined too. Jesus is still developing but experienced and unfortunate in a way to be behind Aguero. No European football for them for the next two years so how does that effect their prices/returns/transfer spec?

    Some of the young Arsenal players are not yet proven and are extortionately priced based on potential. Who are you looking at specifically?

    Maitland-Niles/Sheaf or the more expensive end like Nelson... or Martinelli who I consider proven?

  • @PaulM

    Martinelli, but i already own saka and bernardo so im happy to keep them two.
    perhaps any divs they pay out should go to martinelli and thats how i deal with his fairly high price but as you say hes pretty much made it and only 18

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