• Just noticed him In the media as I was scrolling though, completly forgot about the fella lol.

    Obviously Barca was a complete flop for him but does anyone actually expect him to stay at zenit?.
    I almost got on him previously and luckily I was too late as he completly dropped when the links came.

    At 99p do people reckon he's worth a long term punt if you had the money to spare. Bearing in mind he's only just turned 23.

  • @Jamiearsenal93 over the years, Brazilians like Hulk and Vagner Love made careers in Russia. Hulk went off to China, the Brazilian retirement home and Vagner Love, I guess, retired.

    Although I think he's too good to stay there, he may enjoy the place. If they help him cement a Brazil first team place and pay him oil money, why would he leave?

    Maybe worth a punt but I wouldn't pile in.

  • Think it’s a good hold, had a lot of problems settling in which nearly resulted an instant return to Spain, then a lot of injury problems - only just returned to first team and has played well and won their player of the month (hence the story).

    I’ve bought and will top up as think he will
    Move in the summer or next Jan - maybe the premiership. Downside will be his wages - will be big and the current financial situation may limit buyers but at 99p worth a punt imo.

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