Thank you Football Index

  • Haven’t read the forum for a while so this may have been said already but I just wanted to say thanks to the FI people for making the decision to make the spreads so big. I was worried we may all lose a lot of money when football was cancelled but I think this decision has saved us. My portfolio is actually better than ever and when football does returns I think we will all be very happy on here. Wouldn’t suprise me if they put a deal on for us too. The FI people get a lot of grief sometimes but I think they deserve credit for this.

  • Completely agree they have done a good job, just need to sort out the MB fiasco

  • @THFC1972 whilst I agree that mb needs sorting, I'd pretty much guarantee it wont come before the start of next season

  • @HUFCPaul im also sitting at an all time high and am thankful for the spreads it was a great move and they definitely excel at damage limitation but do wish they were as good at improving many other areas as the product would go from strength to strength and i truly believe this would become the dominant force in the gambling world

  • I think the other major positive is we've all wondered at some stage in the back of our minds what would happen if the market suddenly tanked. Now we know and have gone (still going!) through it I think that's a major boost to peoples confidence in having monies tied up here.

  • Spot on. They’ve taken a lot of critisism for the widened spreads, but only a minority will have absolutely needed that money and whilst I feel for them, it would have been a smaller percentage of this group that would’ve been fastest on the button and the rest still would’ve been burned. The widened spreads have protected the market and right now its booming - I’m sure they made the right call and when it’s all finished they won’t bring them back to normal instantly, it’ll be a gradual reduction eased by some other bonus, i don’t think we’ll see any significant drops. It’s definitely worth crediting FI when they get a decision right because they suffer a lot of abuse when it’s wrong.

  • That and afterall it is gambling. You should only put in what you can afford. I think FI have been brilliant protecting us all. Only really the MB issues that have let them down I feel.

  • I for one hope the spreads stay the way they are for the long term. That way it will stop ‘quick flips’ and encourage people to actually hold their shares. 👍🏼

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