Raphael Guerreiro v Ashraf Hakimi

  • Guerreiro £1.44 v Hakimi £2.45 (Mids for Dortmund)

    Been doing some research on PB players for the Bundesliga return, particularly on those that havent seen already risen e.g. Gnabry, Nkunku, Davies.

    These two are both excellent PB players and play WB for Dortmund. Until recently Hakimi was classed as a defender and that combined with the fact he is 21 might account for the price difference.

    However if you look closer at their peak PB scores below Guerreiro appears to have gone under the radar as the best Bundesliga midfielder for PB under £1.50 and possibly £2.

    Peak PB (19/20):

    Guerreiro - 260, 222, 203, 196, 189

    Hakimi - 280, 223, 212, 210, 187

    Then consider Hakimi benefitted from the 25+ pt CS bonus as a defender until now.

    Guerreiro also has a good shot of being a starter at lwb for Portugal at the Euros.

    Own both but have doubled my holding in Guerreiro as expect market to notice and forsee a rise to £1.55 -1.60 before a ball is kicked in the Bundesliga with big potential to kick on to £2+

    Would love to hear others thoughts. The market seems to love Dortmund.

  • @NewUser477323 Guerreiro was listed as a defender as well up till maybe 3 months ago so his peak scores might have had the clean sheet points also.
    Hakimi is due back at Real Madrid for next season, he’s been linked to all the big clubs for a transfer recently. Personally I see him back at Real alternating with Carvaljo

  • I much prefer Guerreiro technically (freekicks and crossing)
    but Hakimi has some serious pace and is still young

  • @Gregolocky

    Fair point. I did some research to check and from Twitter I can see that Guerreiro's change from Def to Mid was in Nov 19 at some point. Which shows that 4 of his 5 peaks above were post the change. See his scores from index gain below:

    ![alt text](image url0_1586730787004_Screenshot_20200412-233132_Slack.jpg )

  • Just to add to the above.

    1 - There is a good chance that Guerreiro is changed back to a Defender on FI at some point which would cause a big rise. He was one of the recent batch which changed and then changed back. Some of the others have now changed permanently.

    2 - Barcelona appear to have renewed their interest in him to fill their dire need at left back. They were after him when Dortmund signed him originally and also tried to get him from Dortmund last summer.

    Cant find another Bundesliga mid less than £1.50 with his PB.

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