New to twitter.

  • I always thought that twitter was vile, because when I was searching it was people boasting how much money they had made and that's not what I think it should be about. I have properly joined the last few days and it's been really helpful.

    Is there anyone twitter account that you think I should follow? Thanks.

  • @Tom7471 anyone that provides content, anyone that appears on that content and anyone not a complete twat!

    I add a fair few and monitor them if they talk shit or talk down players (even ones I don’t hold) with no basis I unfollow.

  • When I joined I followed the #footballindex timeline for a while and added a couple hundred of the most active users. Remove the ones you can't tolerate but generally more is better... Some chat shit one day then have something really useful the next.

  • @Sav2000 nice. Makes sense to me.

  • @Vespasian32 nice. Thanks for the advice. I will add loads and then delete as necessary

  • 0_1586770509591_Screenshot_20200413-103331.png
    Here's a good discussion from this morning. I find it hard to find good discussion. Most of feed is full of stuff like 'A Nigerian Auntie I never knew I had has just dropped me 50k. Who shall I buy?'.

    I need to filter more perhaps because occasionally some good stuff does come through.

  • Just seen some gug kn twitter saying Kroos is risky due to age and KDB is great value 🤔

  • @MickTurbo Kroos is very risky in fairness at his age.

    You do need a massive pinch of salt on Twitter. So many agendas. Just keep telling yourself 'Do your own research' and hopefully you can survive Twitter without to much damage to your portfolio.

  • @Dalian-Smith yeh perhaps hes a bit of a risk mate but theres only about 18 months in age between the 2 and about £1.50 in price. KDB is injury prone also, and whilst his peaks are huge his bases aren't close to Kroos. I hold only a tracker in both at present

  • @MickTurbo Like I say agendas are a big part of Twitter. Kroos disadvantage you could tie in with any number of players to make said player an FI god. I guess whoever made the comparison was making a play for the 'grey pound'(Investors willing to back an old stager). Kroos investors I suspect have no qualm about age and maybe willing to invest in other 'experienced holds'.

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