• Any value to be had on Manuel Neuer, coming back from injury soon and gotta be best goalkeeper in the world, 3rd place for Balon D'or last world cup doesn't happen very often for a keeper! Currently at 96p.

  • Personally wouldn't touch GKs, no real MB chance (even if he got into top 200) and not likely to win a PB (I think I've seen a GK win it once?) However people do buy them every time FI say they've got a big announcement as people believe it's that GKs will have their own PB category despite FI repeatedly saying this is not in the plans at the moment!!

  • Avoid goalkeepers - when was the last one that won a PB/MB and no value in current pricing for them .. DGD is at what 1.05 and has dropped over the past year in a bull market...

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