STAMFORD on HWAH Podcast 🎙️

  • This week on the podcast I was joined by Stamford and we went a little harder on FI than usual...

    ▪️ MB Matrix and shortfalls
    ▪️ is the PB matrix as good as it could be?
    ▪️ IPO's/Current Spreads
    ▪️ Your questions

    Let us know what you think below lads, were his points fair or unjust?


  • It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. I agree with a lot of what he says, and it appears that he will now tone down his aggression after feedback from traders. I don't have a Twitter account and I'm not planning to have one!

  • @IRISHFI Good guest and a good listen. I am not on Twitter so I had never heard of Stamford. I agreed with every single point he made. FI should give him a job!! Thank you for giving him a platform, or soapbox, to express his thoughts. Maybe the problem isn't Stamford but Twitter??

    I have already bought a smart phone in the past year, mainly to keep up with FI whilst out and about. Switched from Talksport to podcasts. Joined, and participate, in my first forum. Used my first emoji (oh, the shame 😉). I refuse to join Twitter too, that is a bridge too far!!

  • @Martyn-B I don't mind all the shit on Twitter, il argue and banter with people etc

    But even if you hate all that stuff... Unfortunately most of what happens on the index is affected by twitter so it's useful to join up and observe if nothing else. Also the interaction from FI is much more on Twitter

    @IRISHFI Good pod... Definitely good to get the controversial guys on and let them have their say... I expect most will agree with Stamford... Just doesn't express himself the best way on twitter

  • @Vespasian32

    Everything you say about Twitter makes sense but I am still resisting!! I had a happy spell on FI when I first joined for over a month in complete isolation and complete ignorance!! I only joined the forum to find out one day the reason why Eden Hazard and Kimmich had both dropped 50p for no apparent reason (temporary positional change again).

    The forum is enough for me, I am not a very reactive trader and most announcements on Twitter are shared on the forum within 10 minutes. This is good enough for me although I do wish FI would use, and interact with, the forum and it's community more. Although when they do try they usually get mockery and abuse so not surprised we are ignored!!


    Any relation?


  • @IRISHFI Thanks for putting my question. The answer reminded me Stamford back in the day also used to unmercilessly tar and feather any trader who made the case for 'youth' players as well as his 'rat catching'.

    Flicked through the pod, and - like many traders - he has some well established frustrations with FI. But tbh didn't feel he particularly added anything particularly fresh or insightful - sorry!

  • I had said I wouldn’t listen as I feel he’s far to negative about the platform but I did as unlike your pod.

    He found him to contradict himself far to often to take his points seriously; I agree MB needs changing and FI get IPOs wrong. But his view on the current spreads made little sense and his constant crap about crossing is tiresome.

    He missed a really opportunity to be a voice for reason and to try and garner some new support for trying to get changed what does need to be changed, but ultimately he wants FI to pretty much change everything which will never happen as quick as he demands.

    Well done as a host @IRISHFI for keeping it balanced and nice not just to have the FI elite on podcasts.

    But he did little to change my view on him and I wouldn’t be following him on Twitter.

  • @Martyn-B You've came on a lot in the past year it seems! lol...

    A lot on twitter were very dubious of me giving him a platform, but i'm glad I did. People like him are 10x more beneficial to FI, and more beneficial to the listeners than people who just nod along and defend FI no matter what!

  • @Advinculas-Index That is fucking amazing, mind if I repost that on twitter? haha

  • @Keegans-Bluff Aww well, every pod won't help everyone I suppose! Thanks for listening. The rat catcher stuff went completely over my head tbh

  • @IRISHFI Constructive criticism is great and healthy. Far too many extremes at either end of the spectrum, too supportive or too critical. Keep up the good work 👍

  • @Sav2000 Thanks for deciding to listen! He's definitely pretty polarising within the community. A few less elite lined up for May, really looking forward to talking to some smaller accounts!

  • All of his points are valid....


    Earlier on in the index, after PB but when MB was still top 200, Stamford was constantly talking about how great MB was and talking up the fact it was predictible and easy to make money from. Essentially the very things he is now complaining about are the very things he was raving about.

    Not sure why the change of heart or the hypocrisy. The cynic in me says it is purely self interest. He likes these aspects when it suited him, now he has sold these players, he wants it changed. Rightly or wrongly that is how he comes a cross.

    Second issue with him is that he has made a huge amount of money from FI. The issues aren't new. There is nothing wrong with constructive criticism however on twitter he comes across as an aggressive whiner. Why stay on a platform 8f you dislike it that much and if you don't dislike it that much why come across like that.

    So... Again whilst his points in themselves are valid, he isn't adding anything new and comes across to be as a bit of a hypocritical whinge. The kind of person who can drain the life out you when your unfortunate enough to see someone retweet him.

  • Was really looking forward to this Podcast based on seeing bits and pieces from Stamford! Like many have said there is perfectly sound logic behind his points that I do agree with but I can’t agree with the way he goes about expressing those views and as someone like me who is in their first year on FI it’s weird to hear someone so negative about a platform that has made him what sounds like life changing money and I do have to question if he still had a £265k port active would he be less vocal on his negativity?

    That being said I still have massive respect for him for going on the Pod and really enjoyed listening to you guys and it opened my eyes up to a few things I was possibly overlooking!!

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