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  • Hi All,
    Just wondering about Lautaro's current price (3.51 as I write this). I have been thinking about buying him for a while now, since January, but havent taken the leap of faith yet (as is the case with maybe 20 or 30 others for one reason or another).

    He has Pros such as being young(23), FWD, likely to be Agueros replacement for Argentina (WC22 also), highly sought after by big clubs, plays every week, scores a decent number of goals (considering these are being shared with Lukaku mainly).

    Cons such as I dont know how good of a PB player he is (havent checked his average or max scores), I think hes a very good player but doesnt come across as a potential "great" (although hes still young), and the one that bugs me more than anything is that if he goes Barca, he falls into the blood-sucking soul-conquering PB black hole that is the wonderful Leo Messi.

    Can any current holders, and probable future holders, sell his price to me?

    P. S Not a dig at Lautaro at all, just wanted some help really because I do like him, but because Ive sat on my arse for a while and avoided buying earlier, Im trying to guage at 3.50+ where he could get to (EBH price levels-ish, or transfer and then crash back down 2-2.50).

    Thanks in advance

  • 2019/20 PB average is 80.79 with a max of 204. No dividends won this year or last.

    That doesn’t look particularly attractive, although I should add I do hold, as he seems to be getting a lot of attention and I can see a big transfer coming. That will help his price irrespective of PB history.

  • @Leclerc imho seems price is based on a transfer. When that's done and hypes over he will look very over priced based on his mediocre pb game and price will fall heavily as do most transfers when they dont have pb or mb to hold their price up. Short term capp app possibly if you time exit.

  • Thanks for the swift replies @Coleyscrooge, @Impulsesplurger

    What kind of price do you anticipate him getting to? I know with the current situation even transfers are uncertain, its like asking how long is a piece of string, but as Im quite small fish, Id be hoping for 4.50-5 quid. Anything less would still be positive but not amazing for my port.

    Unless someone wants to tip off Ed Woodward about him? :)

  • @Leclerc no problem. Personally he looks over priced to me now. That's not to say market sentiment wont carry is price much higher based on fomo but I dont know how you can calculate that potential. I would say theres easier capp app to be had all around the market.

  • @Leclerc i think he looks good value and could rise quite a lot still, because he seems one of the only players who is almost guaranteed to transfer at the moment with all the noise coming from Barcelona

  • @Impulsesplurger but you see Werner as being under priced? 2 years older and 1.80 more expensive. Yes his PB game is better but would say Martinez has the attributes to become a decent PB player.

  • @Notanyoldnewuser I didnt pay Werners current price and didnt say hes under priced. However he does have much better pb, also has a possible transfer on horizon, euros, german favourite, germany most likely first pb league back and germany next fi territory🤷‍♂️. So imo hes a better long term hold. I have no doubt that Martinez could be a great purchase based on market sentiment was just given honest opinion

  • I assumed if you hold someone it's because you think they're underpriced.

  • @Notanyoldnewuser said in Lautaro Martinez price:

    I assumed if you hold someone it's because you think they're underpriced.

    No. Capp app isn't the only reason to hold. People hold for pb and mb, that's what generally under pins a price long term which is generally my strategy. I think Werners at about the right price but I bought him 30% cheaper so am happy to hold as a pb player and my guess is he will be alot more in time as will most the index. It's not just who you buy it's when you buy. Although Werner has nothing to do with my original advice; if your buying Martinez now your buying at a peak which generally isn't good advice and likely to get burnt unless theres a solid reason for the price to continue or hold after a transfer such as mb or pb as happened in Brunos case. Would be interested in your reasons why Martinez is under priced?

  • @Impulsesplurger ok but surely that means you think he's under priced in terms of dividend yield? (which I wouldn't disagree with). I just thought Martinez and Werner are similar players right now in terms of forwards with transfer links to big teams, so don't see why your reasons for holding Werner wouldn't apply to Martinez, although I agree Werner is a bigger pull in both PB and MB department. Held since 2.80 ish, but see him as one of the more certain transfers this summer, so I think I'll stick with Newton's 2nd law of transfer speculation and sell nearer to when he moves.

  • @Notanyoldnewuser I've outlined pretty good reasons why I see Werner as a top premium hold not just for pb.
    PB friendly
    Potential big transfer
    Germany first back
    Germany next fi territory
    German favourite

    You could say he is under priced compared to others at higher prices and he probably will look it when Germans come on board.

    Comparing Werner with Martinez isn't comparing apples with apples.

    Martinez plays as a conventional striker so isn't as pb friendly as Werner who plays as a winger. Look at Aguero.

    I hold players like osimhen and moussa dembele aswel who I would say are much better comparisons to Martinez right now and both have big transfer spec both are strikers and both are far cheaper which to me makes him look over priced if you were to buy in now.

    It's all subjective at the end of the day but I would totally agree with your plan to exit, cant knock that. Good luck with the trade👍

  • @Impulsesplurger cheers, I do have trouble figuring out players' true value. Hold Isak as well just cos he's so much cheaper so looks like better value.

  • Would depend where he goes, if Barca you can compare a bit with Griezmann's price and would look overvalued compared to him

  • @Notanyoldnewuser no one can predict values, martinez could well go much higher. Just important to know why you value them and how that underpins their value and comparisons help. I hold isak he peaked at £2.50 ish, imo great hold👍

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