Exit points

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    I thought it would be good to get a discussion going on exit points, following on from the 'biggest mistake' thread.

    I reiterate here the belief that what happens to a price after being sold is NEVER a mistake, it is the reasons for selling that is the mistake, and we shouldn't be results orientated.

    Some notes:
    Buy price = my buy price
    High price = players highest price this year
    Exit price = NOT when I would sell but when I would like to, however this changes on a regular basis and I would't hesitate to sell later or earlier, it is just a guide.

    Long term trader, I rarely trade and believe currently the players I buy will generally keep rising, with the market. I have most money in players who are young (22-26) and are already proven, this is my target market.

    I am looking for a discussion on the reasons for selling.


  • @MrWh1te

    I’m in a similar boat with Piatek and Tanganga decided to list Piatek; Hertha are currently shit and at real risk of being relegated. I had high hopes for him but I can use the money elsewhere.

    Tanganga I do think he’ll rise once the IPO cock up shares all get sold and we can see what his true price will be; he’s young and English only way is up.

    I also hold Kane and Pogba both will earn divs for the next few years and with natural growth in line with the market they are decent holds.

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    Piatek is a strange one, I am well in profit on him, but keep buying back in after selling up. Would be best if he gets relegated I think and can move to a better club (assuming the club sell him)

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