Nicolas Gonzalez

  • 22 year old Argentinian international plays for stuttgart in Bundesliga 2. Played only 52% of minutes this season due to missing a few games through injury and also a few games because of an international call up. However, despite this and the fact he's only 22 he has managed 7 goals and 3 assists in 20 games which is truly exceptional for a young player. Stuttgart should go up from Bundesliga 2 and then you will have a pb eligible youngster in a league known for developing youngsters. Also, with Argentinas attackers all ageing could be one for the world cup too. Average rating of 7.18 on and 3 Argentina appearances already. If Stuttgart don't go up I can't see him hanging round there too much longer or even them being able to keep hold of him. Oh and you get all of this for a snippet at 85p a share.

  • @Jdog I think there’s better value out there tbh, players already in pb leagues for less.
    Best of luck with him though, I’ve no doubt he’ll rise with the market 👍🏻

  • @Gregolocky Have you got someone under 85p who is a young Argentine international destined for a PB league? I've got a balance at minute. Care to share🙂

  • @Gregolocky maybe there is maybe there isn’t. I would say he’s pretty good value. Ofc players will rise more than him but ofc other players won’t. Who knows

  • @Dalian-Smith I have one at 85p sorry mate no can do

  • @Dalian-Smith
    How about a 25 year old Argentinian who already plays in a PB league for a team still in this years Champions League. Also already played for the national team. Has a PB average of 97 and a PB max of 265 with 16p of PB dividends returned already.

    I can do you one for 77p.

  • How about a 27 year old Argentinian who currently captains a PB side and has reportedly signed a pre contract agreement with Lazio back in January. Due to replace Lucas Leiva and is 34p.
    Yes you read right 34p! 😁

    I present to you Gonzalo Escalante!

  • @Dalian-Smith Not Argentina internationals, but Lys Mousset at Sheffield Utd 73p
    Patrick Cutrone on loan at Fiorentina 77p
    Both better value imo.
    I don’t hold either player btw.

    One thing I would say about young Brazilian and Argentine players with a handful of caps is, it’s fairly standard practice for agents to pay ( bribe ) international coaches to play these young players in meaningless friendlie’s to enhance their value for future transfers.
    Brazil also play Argentina in a few friendlies every year where it is only domestic based players are selected.
    I’m not saying this is the case for Nicolas Gonzalez. I only know a small bit about him and never seen him play.

  • @Gregolocky Decent shouts but id argue these 2 have had a shot at a top league and haven't scored many goals between them. Age is on their side and they have every chance coming again. I like the idea of a 21 year old at 85p who has yet to prove himself in a top league. I feel he has a greater ceiling. Cutrone had a big shot at Wolves. Just didn't happen.

  • @Dalian-Smith Cutrone barely got a look in at wolves tbf and Mousset was Sheffield Utds biggest threat this season but was unlucky with injury imo.
    I wish ye all luck with Gonzalez but 7 goals in 22 apps in bundesliga 2 ain’t exactly pulling trees up either.
    If I get the chance to watch him live when the football starts up again I’ll definitely watch with interest 👍🏻

  • I guess there’s a very high chance he will he in a PB league next season with Stuggart so 85p for a young PB Striker sounds reasonable. We’ve all seen what has happened with Lauturo recently so who knows what another season will do for Gonzalez. Not comparing at all but Mateta from Mainz has also had a healthy increase (£1.05 I think?) recently and his record is 2 goals in 10 appearances with 5 EPL clubs in for him last year.

  • @Gregolocky 12 starts mate. 8 who scored rating and a goal against Leverkusen this season. Was joint highest rating with demribay aim that game.

  • Ignore everyone else tipping you up dogs like mousset, hold 421 gonzalez he’s pretty good, will defo rise if Stuttgart gain promotion

  • @Jdog also as I said hasn’t played all the games due to being called up for international duty with Argentina. Something lys mousset hasn’t done for sure

  • @Cameron-Duffy he’s a forward but doesn’t play every game at striker and plays some games in midfield on the wing. So 6 goals in 12 stars when he’s played 50% of mins is pretty decent I’d say hahah. Everyone else being overly critical of such a young lad

  • I’d shut the blinds if mousset was playing out the back garden mate

  • @Cameron-Duffy hahah so true. These lot need to lock gonzalez up before criticising. Cutrone hasn’t done well at wolves and mousset plays footie like a donkey

  • @Jdog @Cameron-Duffy Have ye seen the guy play live or just going off stats?
    Just interested to know if ye trade only by stats, I find there is traders who work off stats only and have good returns.

  • @Gregolocky tend not to get involved in stats, haven’t actually bought one player off stats ever, although while being in isolation I have looked at stats but haven’t got round to buying anyone yet going from the players I have looked at

  • @Cameron-Duffy So you’ve watched Gonzalez live then, is he a tricky type or speed merchant?

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