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  • Probably not a good title to describe but I was working out where my profits have come from and wondered what mine are like in comparison to others!
    My overall profit is around 16%, which appears to be small compared to many who post on here or FB but equally I put a lump sum on the 10% bonus last year and have gradually put my money in over 12 months since so in theory it is probably better than that anyway!
    This was returns through:

    About 30% bonus
    About 35% divs
    About 35% appreciation

    Therefore quite balanced albeit I didn’t really understand divs and get into it properly until around sept which was probably fortunate due to the increase that soon came afterwards.
    The appreciation would also have been higher until recently which took a beating of about 8% but is very slowly growing again!

    Anyone willing to share there own? Do you target one or try and balance each due to unknown events such as the current?

  • I’ve been on just over two months and I was up to 14% but that crashed to about 2% with the games all stopping and me unable to switch funding to MB players. Now back to just over 8% so hopefully will get back to and beyond where I was pre-pandemic.

    Even though I do base my figure on the All Time P&L figure given; which I’m hearing mixed views on in terms of its accuracy.

  • Forgot to add that I don’t have the sums required to invest the shares required in the big MB hitters. My port is mainly aimed at Cap App but with some good PB players in with that also.

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    Your all time will be correct, it just isnt a useful figure on its own when comparing or working with the data. if you just wanna know how much profit you have made, its correct.
    do transaction summary, you will get the same result

  • My profit streams are roughly :-
    35% dividends
    10% bonuses
    3% double dividends bonus - Bonus or dividends?, and annoyingly not on transaction summary.
    52% trading.

  • Just coming upto my 2 year anniversary; Overall 96% up on my net deposits (had hit 100% just before CV shutdown) split as follows,

    15% dividends (Biggest 5 earners; Bruno, Messi, Neymar, TAA, Kane)
    5% bonuses
    80% trading/capital appreciation.

    I tend to buy & hold for medium/longer term (commission paid approx 1/5 of dividends received) & have a diverse & balanced portfolio & almost never allow any player to account for more than 2% of my portfolio value. Currently the only exception is Bruno - I made him my largest holding in Jan before his transfer, at an average price of 330p, so his amazing capital appreciation has pushed him over that self imposed ceiling but I am happy to allow him to run as I feel he would still be a good buy/hold even at £9-10 level, already returned 173p in dividends mostly since Jan.

    The only players I tend to avoid are those in the "youth bubble" as I just don't believe most teenagers who can't get a regular game can justify a price that warrants inclusion in the Top 200 players on the index, I accept most disagree but I don't mind being a contrarian investor. Dividends or the future prospects of them are what I believe should drive the market price & will provide a protective yield floor to that price should the player not be playing for any reason.

  • Interested in the fact your two biggest gains are trading. I seem to struggle with that a little. However I did take a new tact around Nov / dec and bought players for a 6-12 month hold.
    I have forced myself to be more patient with them, as I never was before and saw all the players I sold out on reach new heights and wished I held longer. I did put my finger on the trigger for a lot of them through this but still resisted.
    so hopefully my change in strategy will see some improvement on that this summer and beyond.

  • @Shnurgan

    I'm about:

    • 20% Divs
    • 79% CapAP
    • 1% Bonus

    Hard to measure the true profit of divs though, given that the they will have increased via CAP too but it's roughly the 20% mark I reckon.

  • 10% Bonuses

    My Dividends total is around 6% of my overall port value however, my commission is roughly 8%

    The Rest Cap App 80/85% ish

  • Capital appreciation: £31,943.50
    Dividends: £5,883.28

  • @Shnurgan I’ve never lost a penny with fi only for to the fact that fi as a company are growing patience will lead to profit every time

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    @Lloyddavies This isnt strictly true tbh
    There are lots of instances of players dropping in value and not regaining

  • @MrWh1te you have to set some ground rules as to which selection of players you are going to purchase looking at your port I’d say you’ve only got one player (Kroos) which as your saying this could happen drop and not come back not taking into account ipds as I’m assuming you flip them monthly

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    @Lloyddavies Nah i dont tend to flip, I am in it for the longterm

    In the case of Piatek, he become a IPD hold (spiking) when his transfer went wrong, I think he will come back strong, and Vardy was a big fk up just before the football was cancelled and I want out.

    Kroos is a touch and go one, did you see my thread about my reasons for holding? It didnt get replies but discussions about WHY to hold/exit are very important imo

  • @MrWh1te I’ve just come across it mate and had a read through yeh I understand but I’m pretty confident in 12 months time every hold you have apart from vardy and kroos but still possible would have risen

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    @Lloyddavies Yeah I do think most prices will rise, across the board. Just pointing out for newbies that it isn't inevitable.

  • @MrWh1te maybe i worded it a bit wrong but as long as they have potential to get better or maintain current levels ( if already good enough ) in my eyes I factor in not only player growth but index growth aswell, one good example of this is Allan saint maxamin I hold hasn’t had the best of seasons if anything is just exiting to watch but I think maybe 50% of the growth I’ve had on him has been index growth

  • Bit late to the party on this one, but I was curious myself as to how my profit is made up. Roughly 10% bonuses, 10% dividends and 80% gains on trading.

  • @MrWh1te what’s the reasoning for you feeling Piatek will come good?
    I managed to sell at not quite the peak but a reasonable profit. Had thought about going back in but wasn’t quite sure when to do so

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    @Shnurgan He is too good to sit at a bottom of the league club and will surely end up at a big club, my hope would be someone like Spurs.
    He is a IPD player for sure, but with transfer likely (remember I hold long term) before I sell, I am sure he will go up.
    He is someone I have traded in and out of a lot too, this was just one time I got the peak wrong and am now sitting on a loss, but I do have faith in him

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