Football Index Spreadsheet

  • Hi all. I've been working on a spreadsheet for for a while now and have finally launched it today. I was wondering if anyone has any ideas for things to add to it?

    It currently has:

    Master Stats Sheet: This sheet summarises over 40 stats on every player on Football Index. This includes player details such as date of birth, matchday score stats such as averages, media stats, price data and season stats from goals to key passes.

    Fixtures/Results Sheet: This sheet includes all the fixtures and results from the 7 club matchday dividend eligible competitions on Football Index. For games already played it includes fields such as the score and team formations. To help you plan for future games it includes fields to help you assess the difficulty of the fixture.

    Matchday Scores Sheet: This includes all the club matchday scores for every player this season on Football Index. From details on the match, their matchday scores to player stats from each game this spreadsheet has it all with over 40 fields!

    Potential Position Changes Sheet: This sheet looks at player’s who may be getting position changes on Football Index. It does this by counting the number of times each player has started in a different position to their current position on Football Index.

    Media Score Sheet: This sheet is a database of all Football Index media scores this season.

    Market Growth Sheet: This sheet estimates the money invested in Football Index over time. It is a good like for like measure for tracking the market growth.

    Dividend Winner Sheet: This sheet gives you all of this seasons Football Index dividend winners. It also has a table with the players who have returned the most dividends broken down by dividend type.

    Price Table Sheet: This sheet gives you the price of every player at the end of every day this season. You can obtain prices dating further back from the downloadable data tables.

    Full details:

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