Shares have 3 yrs life

  • Hi All
    Can some experience traders tell me when I will know to sell my shares after the 3 yrs ?
    Do you get a email reminder to sell ?
    As I think I will struggle to find the exact date I bought my first share.
    Can anyone help with this please ?

  • @NewUser269839 they are working on an alert system and also a visual tracker... But neither currently exist, so if you think you are close to 3 years... Start trying to sell now. Those shares could disappear overnight if the system is automated

  • FI need to sort this out reasonably quickly. I like to think they wouldn't cancel people's bets without implementing the functionality first, or they will lose some goodwill, but it's certainly within their power.

    It's one of those things that sounds like it should be simple, but probably not, when you factor in people topping up at different times, some huge portfolios out there and things like the top 25-200 trackers. Feels like it should be a massive list, with next to expire at the top.
    Straight forward eh!

  • Banned

    @TotalPunt They must have some kind of automated system already, given that you can sort shares in the order of purchase already (admittedly that doesnt help with top ups) but it does show they auto-know how old shares are

  • Answered this same question recently in this thread.

  • The easy and best solution to this is when they hit the 3year mark they get instantly sold giving you the sell price.

  • The functionality to highlight these shares must already exist. Why? Because it's in FIs interest to pocket the money from the bet themselves.

    So if they can claim the funds for themselves, they must be able to flag it up to the punters as well.

    I can see why they wouldn't want to, but it's a courtesy. It's the right thing to do to those who kept this thing going - Us punters. Most will sell and just buy in again, so i dont see it as FI losing funds.

  • You can now download a CSV of your transaction history. Just pull the whole history on that, filter out the purchases, and do a conditional formatting formula on the purchase date to warn you when you're three months away from expiry.

    The only issue is if you've traded a lot then this will be unclear, but hopefully you will know enough about your portfolio to know which purchases are still there.

    Obviously a feature on the site telling you will be better, but that's a workaround for now.

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