Contracts Summer 2021

  • Just wondered if anyone knew of any decent players that contract is up in 2021?

    I've seen that Upamecano is and Cyprien. I know Pogba's is but United have the option to extend it 12 months.

    Wondering if with what's going on and players only having a year left on their deal if some teams could get a decent discount on a players' price

  • Bukayo Saka and Auba.
    Leroy Sane.

  • According to Transfermarkt, some of those whose contracts are expiring 2021 include:

    Young players such as Bellingham, Gravenberch, Ferran Torres, Tonali and Upamecano

    More experienced older players such as Pogba, Sane, Draxler, Depay, Cyprien, Thauvin and James Rodriguez.

    Some of the teams with not as much financial reserves, especially more so than ever i'm guessing cause of Covid, will be desperate to either extend the contracts or sell as they won't want to let them go for nothing.

    EDIT: I'm not sure how many of these have a club/player 1 year extension option similar to Pogba however. Worth checking out if you intend to buy any with contract expiry in mind.

  • Have a feeling Birmingham won't be getting much for Bellingham. Club in mass of debt and 1 year left of contract. Eesh

  • @JaySaul Depay is an interesting one. Can see him moving, maybe back to PL.

  • Pierre-Emile Højbjerg's contract with Southampton is up in 2021 and he's shown little interest in signing an extension so far. After a fair bit of interest in January, I suspect he was banking on having a good Euros with Denmark...

  • Think Bellingham is a definite to move this summer. Birmingham need the cash as mentioned, and any later than this summer and he will go very cheaply. Just a question of whether he goes to Utd or Dortmund. Either would do as a holder. Utd brings a ton of media, Dortmund brings lazy Sancho comparisons

  • A much less glamorous option and I know CBs aren't particularly appealing but Matthias Ginter's contract at Borussia Monchengladbach expires in June 2021. I believe the club has the option to extend for a further year but I wonder if other clubs will have a look. Had links to the Prem and La Liga previously.

    Only 26. Decent PB scores for a CB (average just over 100 and max of 300) and has featured for Germany a number of times this year. I don't hold but at 71p I am tempted. Just unsure on what capital appreciation there is likely to be had even if he moves to a 'bigger' club.

  • @MickTurbo I watched Jude away at Bristol City this season, and going to the game I thought he was going to be good because he's 16. But watching him he was the best player on the pitch and if you said he was 20/21 nobody would've disagreed! What surprised me about him was how tricky he was, I thought he was a box to box midfielder but he played wide left that game and beat the City full back most times

  • Just had to double check, not a contract expiring but a contract release price. Jonathan Tah reportedly available for 33M and Arsenal were already linked. Contracted until 2023. Maybe good for MB.

    Leverkusen have big advantage over Rangers in Europa League second leg and from memory he got two PB second places in last few weeks before CV. He likes a pass, just needs a goal to win that PB.

  • Here's page 1 of 4 of players with contracts ending in summer 2021:-
    2_1586898784195_Screenshot_20200414-221105.png 1_1586898784179_Screenshot_20200414-221041.png 0_1586898784144_Screenshot_20200414-221019.png

  • @Martyn-B he definitely took top defender shortly before footy stopped. May even have been the same night when Rodri won star man with 6.3 million square balls and a GWG. And yes, also a couple of near misses subsequent to that.

  • @MickTurbo Nope, going from memory but held for over 9 months with only £1 IPD to date. He had a massive lead after a dominant display and something like 180 passes, but then got caught and also big score away at Rangers but not enough to win dividends either time.

  • @Martyn-B hmmm could have sworn he did but yeh it seems you're right. I've had to check up on it cos I was absolutely sure he had won it that night! Maybe it was one of my other holds that pipped him which is what makes it a winning memory. I dont know who won, I have only verified by checking my divs returns from him which are nil, having only bought him very shortly before the night in question. Definitely got a lot going for him though.

  • Interesting thread as some clubs may be forced to sell. I look straight to Valencia and Ferran Torres... Valencia in financial trouble again and he is their most valuable asset coming into the last year of his contract. Linked with a lot of the big boys. Be an interesting one. Sane another one with all the talk of bayern move etc. You'd imagine city would rather cash in in the summer than let him wind the contract down.

    Also Donnarumma...i know keepers aren't of big demand but he's the one who stands out to me. Young Italian number 1 ...surely destined to go to Juve and be the heir to Buffons crown (i know he's already replaced but still..not properly) and if there are changes for keepers hes likely to be around for a considerable time to see it.

  • @MickTurbo marquinhos

  • @ChazFI123 Good idea for a thread. The ones that stand out for me on that screenshot are Klosterman, Sane, Depay and Donnarumma (don't hold any). Klosterman would have to be my 5th RB Leipzig defender which is never a great tactic!! Although not all 5 will be with Leipzig at start of Autumn 2021.

    Have to assume Thiago and Alaba at Bayern will get extensions.

  • Timmy Chestnuts for Atalanta has a contract due up June 2021.

    Linked with Napoli and Leicester just a few days ago, 30p off peak price.


  • @Moukoko said in Contracts Summer 2021:

    Timmy Chestnuts for Atalanta has a contract due up June 2021.

    Linked with Napoli and Leicester just a few days ago, 30p off peak price.


    Love the pump using his obscure forum nickname!!!

  • @Coleyscrooge well, everyone still needs to do their own research!

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