Friday 6th April - small pool day

  • Haven't seen one of these for a little while but on Friday there are only three PB games which gives an opportunity for flips / pb returns depending on your preferences.

    The games are

    Deportivo vs Malaga
    Hannovwr vs Bremen
    St Ettiene vs PSG

    Who's everyone going for out of this lot then? A few names that jump out from Edge...

    Def - Dani Alves dominates here.
    Cheaper alternatives Thiago Silva and Roberto Rosales

    Mid - Veratti again dominates
    Cheaper alternative Remy Cabella and dirt cheap option Felix Klaus - 40p odd and been close to a pb win a few times now

    Fwd - Mbappe and Cavani the obvious choices
    If you're after a bargain Max Kruse scores very well and has won 18p star player in recent months. Think he rose significantly a day or two ago

    Anyone else spot any gems?

  • Lol, left it bit late to be gem spotting all the value has already gone on all these players , i imagine everyone is already 4p up already, seen someone buy 500 max Kruses the other day chasing a 4p PB with a very low percentage of winning it, then the usual sell of of these players after the game will all drop more than 4p, commission alone would absorb any pb win and you would have to win it first, if your that desperate for a gambling fix, get your self down the bookies and put on a £5 accumulator, will cost you less.

  • 6 pointer at the Riazor so i'm guessing it has nil nil all over it? Deportivo's form is horrible, Malaga who don't let that many goals in won 1-0 last time out and have Isaac Success up front but both are pretty hopeless in front of goal this season so I won't be touching any players from either?

    Hannover v Bremen looks interesting though, whilst both are pretty close in the league Werder's form of late has been strong with four wins and a draw in their last five. I'll back them to win 2-1 away whilst Max Kruse & Ishak Belfodil could be on the scoresheet for them?

    As for PSG you can't back against Cavani scoring although I reckon Saint Etienne will be hard to beat... 1-0 away win for me with Rabiot (a cheap alternative) seeing a lot of the ball and Kimbepe starring at the back.

    By the way don't take my word for any of the above as generally my predicting basically means.... Depor v Malaga will be 4-3 Hannover will spank Bremen & PSG will hit five or six!!!!!

  • @Pierrey2129 hi pierry not sure what data you're seeing but I haven't seen verratti dominating anything in the last few months. Would suggest di Maria would be a better mid choice

  • ADM - just buy and hold if you haven't already

  • @NewUser108933
    Di Maria that is! Been in my portfolio since the Neymar injury and doing great
    Dani Alves is also an absolute PB beast so worth keeping hold of

  • @NewUser108933
    Think he's won PB buzz more than any other defender ? Him or Otamendi anyway

  • Sorry guys not had a chance to check this.

    Need to apologise because I've had a mare, Alves, Silva and Veratti injured... Meant to say that you should always do your own research before buying but appears I didn't so hope no one lost anything due to my message.

    Does anyone see Nkunku playing?

    Great shout on Rice BTW, got on when I read and he was up 6p within no time!

    Di Maria doing the business now too 👌

  • @Pierrey2129 Ah man, I bought some Silva for tomorrow. Before I read your post though! Where have you seen he's injured? He's in the squad according to their Twitter. Just says Alves, Lass and Veratti didn't train. Lass is in the squad too though...

  • @Jazzman you're right mate he's in the squad! Struggled to find team news earlier only 'reputable' source being ESPN... If they are reputable?!

    Moral of the story - don't buy on someone's advice without research.

    Had a mare here ain't I🙈

  • @Pierrey2129 It's hard like, finding reliable team news for the other European leagues.

    Just to clarify I bought before you started this thread, not just before your post about the injuries. Not sure if that was clear :)

  • @Jazzman Nah I understood mate, it was clear what you were saying, to me anyway. My point on research was more a general one as i have done it myself in the early days, jumped on someone I've seen mentioned only to find out regret it afterwards. Reading back it might have seemed like it was directed at you which wasn't intended👍

  • Meunier to come in for Alves and WC with Belgium to come

  • @NewUser108933 otamendi is the pb king Alves has done ok post the ipos

  • Meunièr or alves, verratti or lo celso and an outsider up front, perhaps klaux

  • @Ermejo Verratti and Alves both out so that narrows it down! :)

  • @BL__FI
    Lol, didn’t check and not buying for the single PB day!
    Guess meunier and lo celso it is then ;)

  • Good time to get lo celso in (not for this game). He's dropped a lot and he could have a great WC and is a passing machine for PB

  • Does that mean Monday 9th there will be PB on only:

    Villarreal v Bilbao
    Leipzig v Leverkausen


  • @Mr-Andy-C said in Friday 6th April - small pool day:

    Does that mean Monday 9th there will be PB on only:

    Villarreal v Bilbao
    Leipzig v Leverkausen


    Yes mate

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