Ben Chilwell - TAA?

  • Hi all

    I’m still relatively new and have been a bit slow to really research how PB works.
    For the record, I’ve bought 11 (Eleven shares) in Ben Chilwell.

    Could Chilwell (£2.20) get up towards Alexander-Arnold’s price (£8.00ish)?

    If Leicester get into Europe, he’s linked to/joins Man U, he takes free kicks, corners, crosses, dribbles plus the defensive stuff, is England’s number one left back at the Euros, could he at least double in price and reach almost £5.00?

    I’ve bought some big guns for divs, cheapos for CA but not much in the middle bar Son-HM (Injured, price drop) and a couple of others.

    Is this a realistic target, the sort of thing to look for or is Chilwell £2.50 and that’s as good as it gets?

    Many thanks

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    Chilwell's PB and dividend return is much, much lower than TAA's so unless he improves that, he wont reach the same money as TAA

  • I definitely think he will end up beyond £2.50 in the future, I'd be amazed if he got anywhere near TAA. Has got exposed defensively a fair few times this season, Chelsea and City moves make potential sense. But he seems to have gone off the boil along with a lot of the Leicester team. Does have the potential to have a good PB game though with the set pieces as you mentioned. Could post regular big peak scores

  • I hold Chilwell but, unfortunately! not TAA.

    TAA is young, English and a PB machine who will be in the CL/competing for the league for the foreseeable future. The only thing he lacks is transfer rumours as I can see him staying put.

    Chilwell will inevitably rise as he is also pretty good for PB, Leicester are likely to get in the CL and he is a likely starter for England. He also will have transfer links coming his way so will get a bit of MB along the way. I would suggest that he is slightly underpriced at the moment, and will rise if transfer rumours heat up and football comes back. There is a risk that Saka keeps progressing and can snap up his england left back spot, but Southgate seems to trust him and is rather reluctant to change his team.

    I wouldn’t expect any massive rises until football resumes though.

  • TAA has been up & down but as today is virtually the same price as February 1st.

    The uncertainty surrounding a potential matrix change after the season (hopefully) gets completed, probably stops a lot of people (certainly myself) from investing at his inflated price.

    I'd rather have 3 Chilwells than 1 TAA anyway.

    At least Chilwell has a potential transfer saga.

  • I bought TAA as a new user and immediately thought I'd bought at too high a price. This is why I will not buy into Sancho who is returning good MB but is ridiculously over priced (in my opinion).

    I have actually managed to offload TAA for a very small profit after commission but as he isn't getting much MB and with possible changes to the matrix, and football still a long way off, I thought the money could be better invested elsewhere.

  • I hold Chilwell at a loss right now but I’m not concerned! He has a PB average of 114 but it’s the 2 times this season he has scored over 300 with a max of 342 that excites me! Trent will be miles ahead for a long time as he consistently scores 200+ but even his PB max is 299 so it’s clear that when things go Chilwells way there’s definitely PB potential!

    I see media buzz in the summer with city but most likely Chelsea being the club in for him but I think by the time euro 2021 starts he’ll be around the £3.50-£4 mark as Trent will drag everyone along with him as he gets near £10

  • TAA is a bit of a freak index wise. Liverpools style of play is designed around the full backs, he is essentially their primary playmaker, winger, set piece taker. Combine that with his age and getting defensive points from a top defensive team. If you actually sat down and designed a pb defender from scratch you would basically end up with something like TAA.

    Now things can change, matrix may update and Liverpool could change their style of play. But as things stand the gap between him and the likes of Chilwell is sensible.

  • @Kipper72 Pot all your money in pogba mate.

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