Sadio Mane

  • What are people’s thoughts on his current price and what a potential summer transfer would do to it?

    I think he looks like good value at the moment and should see a little bit of a rise with the hopeful completion of the league and some good media buzz around winning the title and potential transfer spec. My only concern is if he does leave the PL will he steadily decline... I guess similar to what Hazard has done at Real.

  • @Gibbers14 Hazard had a much higher starting price to fall from though remember so they're different cases

  • Moves from the prem are almost always bad for players prices. He would have to tear it up as he hasn’t shown to be an amazing pb player. Mb would be limited apart from the transfer spec imo

  • Rather than starting a new Sadio Mane thread thought I'd piggy back onto this one after a search.

    I bought a small amount as a newbie and he did get a few in play divs just before Boris grounded us all. I think he is undervalued at the moment, he is in the red on my port and I think I should buy more into him.

    I only hold 50 shares and he is only down a small amount. What is the general consensus on him? Is he a good PB hold?

  • Mane is a player I always used to think was underpriced, but never bought him. And I never will now I understand the index better.

    In his favour is he's a top footballer in currently the best team in the EPL. That alone you would think he should be worth more.

    But the guy barely gets a dividend. It's hard to call him undepriced as the market has placed him where he is over a long period of time. I know he's in a dip but it's only a 30p dip. He's approaching 30 by FI traders relativity (which is a bullshit thing on here but sadly true). He's had runs of superb form and score winners yet barely moved in price. So you have to ask, what will need to happen for him to ris?. An extended purple patch better than any he's had previous. Or changes to the pb matrix that advantage him.

    If you believe any of those two will happen then he's worth a punt. But for me my gut is I can see him staying in his price range, with any growth outside it only because the index as a whole is growing.

  • @Dr-Jan-Itor Thanks, your thoughts reflect mine which is what prompted me to ask the question. I'l continue to hold and hope he gets a spike in the future.

  • I think Sadio Mane and Ngolo Kante are the two most underpriced great players on the Index and both could be due for transfers to either PSG,Real Madrid or Barcelona in the summer.

  • @Gibbers14

    Hazard has been injured for most of the season.

  • The Index values (or over values if you prefer to think in that way) players on the cusp of big transfers, even if they barely play or severely under-perform (cough Neymar cough Pogba cough).

    Settled world class players like Mane and Salah who are nearing 30, their next transfers will be steps down, and who consistently produce goals/assists, rather than in gluts, are not respected in terms of value.

  • @NewUser385798 neymar also happens to be one of the best pb holds on the index and pogba wins more mb than everyone on the index maybe bar 2 and he hasn’t been playing. How much has mane earnt

  • Pogba has earnt 1. Pound 19 p in mb this season and hasn’t played, mane has won 21p and has played brilliantly. Also, mane has won 2p in pb in the best season of his life whilst pogba has managed 2p as well and has played 7 pb games (2 off the bench). Also, Neymar has earnt 45p in pb and 74p in mb. I think the difference in price is more than justified tbh

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