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  • Hello guys, just wanted to get your opinions on my current portfolio, if I sold now I'd lose a fair bit mostly on Reus, do you think i have much chance of this portfolio going into profit rather than losses? Cheers!

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  • @Shane-Rolo

    I'm sure plenty of others will help you with their opinions on these players. One thing that jumps out to me is how unbalanced the portfolio is.

    A huge proportion of your investment appears to be in one player which, unfortunately for you, is the player that has gone down in price. This is always a risk when the portolio is so heavily reliant on one player.

    If there was more diversity to your investment then you wouldn't be experiencing these difficulties. I hope this helps you in the future, good luck trading!

  • Yeah I realised my mistake when I originally bought Reus, he went up to £2.59 and I was considering selling but as soon as he signed the new deal with Dortmund, he plummeted instantly and I don't want to sell at a huge loss like that so I'm keeping him until the world cup and hopefully he has a few good games for Germany and goes back up. Ideally he'll score a hat trick this Sunday as well and bring me some juicy dividends. I'm planning on going towards more diversity but I got so much of my money tied up with him and it's frustrating!!

  • @Shane-Rolo

    I think you're doing the right thing with Reus. He should be back from injury this weekend and returning players often see a circa 10% bounce in their price (even if they don't challenge for a PB immediately).

  • @Shane-Rolo Big Reus fan here.

    Just look at the stats. One PB win(albeit on a low day!). 3 goals in 5 League games and don’t get me started on his overall stats! A real star that’s had a shed load of bad luck. Could(and I bloody hope...) and should be a £3-4 player if he stays fit.

    I am holding at a loss currently 22p a share down but believe he’ll be back and get selected for the WC! You certainly won’t see me selling! Dortmund have said that he is back training and should be playing Sunday.

  • If Reus makes the WC squad his value will rise but if he doesn't I wouldn't panic... Next season will be massive for him though and if he can stay injury free and hit the form of a couple of seasons ago he'll be back upwards of 2.00 but I would really monitor his form over that time as it may be worth cutting your losses if he doesn't impress.

    Dani Garcia from Eibar??? Pretty low risk I would perhaps look for his value to rise 10p before cashing out though... would say there's more value around in younger attacking players or noticeable first team stars that are undervalued?

    Mahrez should get a move this summer so he'll shoot up to 3.00 before the window is out so definitely a keeper for me. Bamba could also get a move this summer be don't be distraught if that doesn't come along as I think an EPL move might be still too soon? I would maybe asses him as a longer hold and don't panic on him at all.

    Goetze for me I would keep for the WC and he should reach 1.00+ if he's involved? If not BvB will have a better season next year so he should still improve in value. Tolisso again I would keep as you don't have many of him I would wait for his price to rise in the WC before cashing out and replacing for someone more attractive. Balotelli really could have been your Marco Reus as he's an absolute gamble... I saw him at 0.79 last year and stayed away.. his form has been good and Italy will be fools not to take him back if that continues so in hindsight I wish I had 100 at 0.79. At his current value though I wouldn't touch...

    As for Diego Reyes... I would probably be tempted to sell 'ALL' of the above and put your cash in to him and you'll probably do better out of it than you are doing!!!!!!!

  • @dannypea why is Diego Reyes so good did not paly a full cl match and only 9 starts this season and hes 25 as well I am happy to be wrong as not seen him but not seeing why such a solid buy

  • Not the fact that Reyes is great... More the fact his portfolio is not doing great.. so gambling on Reyes having a good WC with a potential move might see the players value double or even triple which is doubtful on any other player (bar Mahrez perhaps) in that portfolio?

    Also low risk as at worst he'll lose a few pence per share rather than say if Reus or Mahrez got injured could lose a quid or more??

  • I've already flipped Bamba for a good profit but also have Reyes and Garcia. He's defo leaving Eibar and a move could see his price rise. At such a low price you only need a small rise to get a good % return. Reyes is better than this thread suggests. He's 3rd choice CB for Porto but is also out of contract and linked with Serie A. He's going to the world cup but will most likely be a starter now as they have lost a couple of CB's to injury in the friendlies which will most likely keep them out the WC. Just playing alone should rise his price and a move to serie A will lift it more. Reus... I don't think he'll go to the world cup but thats just my opinion. The amount of time you'll wait on him rising you could invest it elsewhere. I'd sell him n re-invest, that's just me tho.

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