Trying to be more aggressive

  • Want to get rid of 10 ideally 15 what players doe we think should go. Its getting clogged up and need help on which ones to get rid of as i want to be more aggresive and take more risks. More risk = more profit of course i know you can lose more. thanks forum all tips welcomed.
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  • @Jdog I think you have a lot of players who have good rises in them in the run up to football coming back; you’re hardly at a loss on any.

  • @Sav2000 are there any that stick out to u that need to go or just sell on the spikes on returns/ goals on return and don’t sell now.

  • @Jdog personally I tend to sell a portion at 40% profit and buy new players and repeat; but that’s not to everyone taste or aggression.

  • @Jdog Nice port.

    Got on Serdar the same time as you by the looks of things with the same number of shares. Had a nice little rise already and just got in the German team, 22 and contract expires at Schalke in 2022, I'm looking to top up, loads o potential.

    I would go more aggressive (top up) with the German players, especially Gnabry. Looks as though they're playing first and if the platform moves there then boom.

  • @Jdog not many there I'd call bad holds. But theres 3 I'd probably move on.

    Diego Costa- getting on a bit. At a PB black hole of a club and not too PB friendly anyway. Just the type of person he is means any MB he may get will be under threat of removal.

    Orsolini - Another player who, in my eyes, has just been granted 'good hold' status. Not sure the track record backs it up and re-classidied as a midfielder now which doesnt help.

    Viktor Tsygankov - Move priced in now. Was wanted last summer by a few big clubs but never even looked like moving. If he doesnt go this summer he becomes very risky

  • @MickTurbo I think orsolini was a silly buy I would like him to be reclassified as a forward bought when I thought he had (fi again) costa was bought when I thought he would win mb (flip) he didn’t go again. Tykganov I thought may get a move but hopefully that’s this summer I agree he is risky if he doesn’t move will do more research into him

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