Pulisic / Chilwell swap deal

  • Few local rumours about a straight swap between Chelsea and the Foxes for Pulisic and Chilwell
    First reaction was that it was the usual bollox but on thinking about it again maybe it has some legs ?

    Chelsea made no secret they are looking for a left back
    Leicester have made no secret they are looking for forwards
    Roughly same age
    Roughly same value
    Understand the big stumbling block is Pulisic earns roughly twice as much as Chilly

    Good move Chelsea ?
    Good move for Leicester ?
    Who would profit most from an FI perspective ? Possible they both might ?

  • @bernardb Chelsea fan and absolutely no way this happens IMO.

    Buying the best American football player and selling him in less than a year makes no logical sense, he hasn't even played a full season for us yet.. when he did get game time before his injuries he looked fantastic and real threatening, I firmly believe he's in Lamps's plans going forward and that this swap would never happen.

    On that note, I also think Pulisic is underpriced at the minute.

  • I’d be amazed if Chelsea sold him, looked a real threat when he was fit. Looks like he could be one of Chelsea’s wingers who can actually score regularly

  • Probably just me but I don’t rate chilwell - to be fair only saw maybe 10 times this season and didn’t play well in any of the games - on the flip side before his injury Pulisic was flying. If this was to happen Leicester are massive winners imo

  • Have to say being a Foxes fan we would be on the better side of the deal if it was a straight swap
    Maybe there would be some cash involved
    Story was Pulisic wasn't a Lampard signing and thats why he wasn't being picked. Was he always missing due to injury ?

  • @bernardb off the top of my head, lampard said Pulisic didn’t get picked at the start because he didn’t have a summer break (the Copa America or whatever it’s called) and then he broke into the team, started scoring and then got injured

  • I don't think Pulisic has any reason to move, just chiming in to agree he is massively undervalued. Should be £3 player when PL starts up again

  • @Heinstein definitely.. not a Chelsea fan but every time I’ve watched thought he’s been brilliant..

  • It won't happen, Pulisic has the highest expected goals per game ratio per 90 other than Tammy and Chelsea lack goals. As of the 29th of January Pulisic had the current highest expected goals and assists per 90 mins out of anyone 21 and under in the premier league.

    “I love playing with my team-mates and we’ve had so many exciting games. I’ve really enjoyed it and we just want to give it a strong push to the end of the season, if we are able to resume."
    ^ Pulisic during the Coronavirus football break.

    Back in december lampard even said the below.
    ""He can score more, we have a player in Christian who is someone who is really exciting us but when you see this type of player, you see another level which is goals and assists and he has the ability to go on to that extra level which is the top level of world football."

    From what i remember Lampard was easing Pulisic into the team due to him making the step up from the Bundesliga as we often see a lot of managers do, klopp/pep for example to protect players from some of the criticism they get when adjusting ( think Pepe at arsenal and how Arsenal fans were slating him earlier in the season) Personally i think Pulisic has looked very good and he offers something none of the other Chelsea wingers do apart from perhaps to a degree Mount who is not really a winger. His ability to run in behind and to generally just cause problems for teams defenders is something Chelsea have lacked and Lampard has said this numerous times. Obviously Pulisic also had no break last season as well and they have both spoken very highly of each other in the media.

    I'm not entirely sure Chelsea will even sign Chillwell, Leicester are likely to want roughly the same as what they got for Maguire and i can't see Chelsea paying that. Lampard rates Ian Maatsen very highly. Maatsen, Anjorin and Broja are the next three youth academy prospects tipped to break through. We could very easily see Chelsea keep Azpi as first choice LB for another season with Maatsen the deputy with him taking over as first choice mid season/by the end of the season or see Chelsea sign a stop gap signing in someone like Telles for a season or two while Maatsen develops on loan.

  • @London-Is-Blue
    Great feedback much appreciated

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