• Hi guys!

    New to football index just got a question I hope you ca clear it up!

    I've added some shares to the selling que but I dont understand how it works and for whatever reason any videos I've watched on it arent doing it for me?!

    So I have shares in the sell que as I said but how do you search for people who are selling shares? I dont get how you find them. For example pogba is what 7 as of now or something like that, so say someone is selling him for 6.90 where do you find that market?

    Proper confusing me haha

    Any help appreciated even if it is to call me a thick you know what!

  • @NewUser600411 there is no other market, you will always have to pay whatever the buy price is (until they introduce order books it could change), say someone listed him at £6.90 last week but he’s now at £7.86 today they will get today’s price per share so £7.86.

  • Right I'm with you, the reserve price bit just means tjats the lowest you can sell for if the shares start to drop? Think I get it.. gutted a bit haha.

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