Espanyol’s Adrian Embarba - Opinions please

  • Genuinely not a pump. Been scouring the cheaper players for ages to try and find a bit of value. Think I’ve found someone but as I’m new to the platform wanted to know opinions on this guy. Maybe I’m seeing something that others will shoot down and say he’s poor for various reasons I’m missing.

    Adrian Embarba
    27 years old

    Looking at his stats for the previous few years:-

    Rayo Vallecano stats
    2017/18 - 42 apps, 8 goals, 14 assists
    2018/19 - 36 apps, 5 goals, 6 assists
    2019/20 - 23 apps, 7 goals, 11 assists

    Got a transfer in January 2020 to Espanyol who met Rayo’s buy out clause of EUR8m after he apparently had interest from West Ham, Norwich and Leeds.

    Espanyol stats
    2019/20 - 7 apps, 2 goals, 1 assist

    He peaked at 83p end of January 2020 and with a few decent scores could rise to that again I would’ve thought.

    Any feedback welcome cheers.

  • I know nothing about the player but the obvious concern is Espanyol's current standing in La Liga. They are bottom and don't really look like avoiding relegation. You would hope that if he is as good as his stats suggest then he'd be in line for a move back to a PB league but given he's only just signed for them, there is a genuine chance he plays in the second tier next year.

  • Thanks Vaughany.

    Yes that could be a concern but they are not miles adrift. 6pts from safety with 11 games to play so not an unassailable position.

    Clearly them escaping relegation would be excellent for his price, relegation maybe not so much (though it looks by the graph that he hit 78p whilst playing for Rayo in the Segunda División).

  • @JonesyFI-WH @Vaughany If he only recently signed he may have it in his contract he can leave if they get relegated. Worth a punt in my eyes. I'm gonna have 300

  • @Dan-w @JonesyFI-WH
    Quite possibly. I hold Raul De Tomas who also signed in January (from Benfica). He's a proven goalscorer in La Liga so I am hoping either Espanyol can stay up or, should the worst happen, he is picked up by another La Liga team in the transfer window.

    I wouldn't be surprised if the same happens with Embarba.

  • I've just had 204 in him which took him upto 50p.
    The reason for 204 is to join in with
    @MrWh1te 's £100 challenge. £99.96.

  • Think I will join you Dan! I should’ve got on before his price went up a penny :)

  • If they go down and stays I still think he looks a good long term hold at that price. I think he would be in demand though seen clips of him on YouTube looks a good player scores goals and assists.

  • @JonesyFI-WH I'll throw my weight behind this one.

    Just bought 600.



    Well down off his peak of 79p, he was on my watchlist anyway & I just hadn't pulled the trigger, this thread nudged me to buy - he also takes the set pieces. 👍

    Surely a transfer in him if they get relegated.

  • Surely him and his agent would’ve negotiated a relegation clause considering he left Liga 2 to then join a club facing possible relegation? Can’t imagine someone who was linked with a few prem clubs in Jan would want to spend the next season in Liga 2 as well. I’m in for 100 so here’s hoping he doesn’t get relegated!

  • @JQ88 you would like to think he had a relegation clause mate. Can’t find anything online about it though.

    Still think he would generate enough interest if they did go down even if it’s not written into his contract.

    Decent hold regardless imo. Up another couple of pence overnight 👍🏻

  • yeah good call i bought him a month ago at 48p for the same reasons got 500👍

  • I'm in for 300 bargain!

  • Got another 200 let's get pumping

  • This is now genuinely a pump.

    Outstanding performance today. Game was wrapped up early so was withdrawn as he's a big part in their survival so they are saving him.


  • I'll second this. 👍 Originally bought 600 2 months ago, I have now increased the holding to 1,000.

    As I mentioned on another thread, I had no idea he was withdrawn on 52 mins scoring 140+ without a goal.

    If Espanyol win, I mean, they don't do it very often, plum bottom of the league atm & 3 points from safety but when they do - Embarba is at the hub of everything positive in that team.

    If they win, he's likely to score highly.

    A long way off his 78p peak - I feel he can & will break the £1 barrier as he only turned 28 last month.

    Returned 12% on PB performances last season. So he has history of being a genuine threat. (2 positional wins)

    Plenty of mileage in him & maybe a transfer too if they get relegated.

    Surely a bigger club will look to cherry pick the best players if they do go down.

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