Recycled Pogba Stories

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    Any thoughts on Pogba stories being used over and over again on Talksport. Same story about Souness telling Pogba to get his medals on the table it's only been updated with Twitter /wider reaction. Yet it still gets media points even though it's previously scored points when it was originally published.

  • Not been on here long and loving the product generally but the MB was the one thing I looked into initially and thought was massively amateurish.

    Can’t believe for a product that seems to be generating millions currently that the media side of it appears to be operated by baboons.

    People always say stop moaning about it and just get on the big MB players but the reason, and how, they are scoring points is pathetic.

    It’s just a Manchester United love fest. Tedious having the same selection of players week in, week out winning (unless you hold obviously).

    Seriously needs a massive fix.

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