The Power of Reinvested Dividends (Neymar addition)

  • Evening traders,

    Earlier today I posted a thread showing the power of reinvested dividends with Pogba. I would like to share what this would look like with Neymar but also add some thoughts on what an amazing opportunity every trader has with this platform (for now).

    Again I'm new to FI but I've been investing for a long time and take it from me this is the massive opportunity you have with FI in comparison with regular stock investing;

    A) the amount of dividends received (Media darlings achieving 30+% a year)
    B) how frequently you receive your dividends (sometimes daily) (with common stocks you receive dividends typically every quarter)

    It amazes me the potential you have compounding your returns over many years if Football Index continues to pay out dividends in a similar manner. Even if dividends were to decrease by 50% they far exceed the returns of common stocks. For instance my favourite dividend stock is AT&T (T) which returns 6.89% currently.

    I'm sure a lot of you experienced traders have had amazing success with compounding dividends returns. Would you mind sharing?

    Anyway as promised here is Neymar's returns when reinvested over 12 months in comparison to not reinvesting

    0_1587053732807_Neymar 19-20 Reinvestment.png

    Again if you like seeing these kind of things and also enjoy having this kind of conversation hit me up on Twitter. I've just created a new account @FIStoxxy

    Take it easy,

  • @FI-Stoxxy what's the chance of you doing one for Gaetano and/or Sam Surridge 😂🤔

  • @MickTurbo said in The Power of Reinvested Dividends (Neymar addition):

    @FI-Stoxxy what's the chance of you doing one for Gaetano and/or Sam Surridge 😂🤔

    Come on be fair, at least ask for maja and veretout as well lmao

  • @MickTurbo I'm afraid it's unlikely. I've just done a few for players that I legit hold myself so sharing them on the forum has cost me no time. Unless you can give me a reason to invest in those players?

  • @FI-Stoxxy bit of an 'in' joke mate lol. Seriously though good work mate

  • @FI-Stoxxy good work, the only addition would potentially be ipds, may not amount to much most months but adds a little more each time

  • @MickTurbo lol harsh

  • @Sav2000 nah mate I never aim to be harsh, just like a bit of crack that's all. I only pull ppls leg if I know theyll take it as intended

  • @Ddr I thought about included them too. However I'm a long term hold on a lot of my players so I didn't want to make the results look better than what they would do in reality.

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