Should shares in sell queue win divs?

  • Last side by side poll, forum and twitter, (fun vs profit)... Produced almost identical results.

    Let's see if this one does:

    Would football index be improved if shares in the sell queue were not eligible to win dividends? Thinking it might remove some of the rat bastardry that's particularly prevelent atm

  • Got to say no as it would mean smaller drops in premium players with big queues. If people know a player has a large queue with dividends on the way then they list and contribute to those strange drops we see in players like Messi that tend to drop in price when they win dividends

  • @Vespasian32 I haven't voted as yet. You ask an interesting question but there are some quite obvious counter questions, all stemming from the most obvious of all.

    Imagine the change is made and queued shares are now ineligible. So you've got Pog in the queue, but hes 600 points clear and its 2359 hrs. You want them divs, so you unlist. Do those shares become eligible for todays MB?

    Of course theres room for discussion to be had about the effects of this, both positive and negative, be the answer yes or no

  • @MickTurbo i would say no to that. The player should be held and not for sale before the cut off for buying

  • @Black-wolf logical 👍

  • @MickTurbo keeps the sell queues shorter for long term holders looking to sell and would aim to push flippers down the IS route

  • I've voted yes. My reason is selfish.

    • A high profile player with a long queue knocks in a 300 in a noon KO on a gold day

    • I buy 'in game' knowing theres gonna be mass unlisting causing a big spike

    • I flip to market for a good profit, having held for 20 minutes

  • I voted yes, you still own the share so why shouldn't you get the divs. After all you still receive the cap app if you list shares and the price goes up before yours sell

  • Because the poll appears above the text I think I've fucked this up

    Yeah = the index would be better if shares in the sell queue were NOT eligible to win.

    I think we would see shorter sell queues, improving liquidity at the top, so people would have more confidence trading premiums, and the ceiling would rise quicker.

    I think it would be a good 'win' for FI financially... Paying out on less shares

    We would see things like players prices and the footie become more relevant. I. E. Currently £600,000 of Bruno in share queue... So not built into his price but will be built into the Footie. There's no major issue with this, but I'd prefer shorter sell queues and more accurate prices of players based on demand (driven by dividends)

    Its my belief that Bruno would be over £10 today if people didn't win divs on shares in sell queue... If you list now you know he won't sell till hes nearly £10.50... So you can do it and still reap mb for till footy returns. Take that luxury away and you find out players true value... Cos those that want the divs have to unlist.

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