is Mo Salah 'World Class'?

  • Hey Guys

    I have seen a few posts going around lately via Twitter and on here saying that Mo Salah is in the same class as Ronaldo and Messi at the moment !!

    His price seems to indicate that things will be big for him, especially if Liverpool win the Champions League but is he a one season wonder??

    Does anyone feel that he is 'World Class' at the moment or does he have to prove himself further to get that status?



  • No can't be classed as 'world class after 1 season.

  • I suppose it's all down to how we see the old 'how do we define world class' argument again? Isn't it??

    I actually define 'world class' as somebody or something that is globally recognised as the best in their field/job/role and if they are within the elite of that field within their industry. Like Coca Cola, Pepsi, Mountain Dew & even Dr Pepper all chart topping products within their industry that should therefore be defined as world class? So on that basis, most 'top' international footballers like Salah, even Harry Kane and someone unfashionable like Dani Carvajal (who I believe is the best in his position in the world) should be considered as world class... so on that basis... YES!!!

    Although I understand the more complex argument that 'world class' needs to be 'defined over time' or they 'need to have trophies' or 'do it on the big stage'....

    In Mo Salah's case I firmly believe he's the nearest player to Messi i've seen... and whilst he's not yet done it for longer periods (he was fabulous at Roma don't forget) and he's not done it on the biggest stage (although he now has the chance to rectify that with Egypt) he is certainly one of the best players in his position on the planet... and if we are describing 'the best' and 'the planet' in the same sentence... then why not suggest that he's 'world class'?

  • I also have similar arguments for Stephen Ireland and Thomas Gravesen who were both 'world class' for around six or seven weeks some many years back... Although in Gravesen's case I really believe Real Madrid brought him because they couldn't believe how much he ran during games when he actually had a bald double in Lee Carsley playing next to him in midfield at Everton so it looked to the eye that they were the same player!!!!

  • Yes I believe he is! But only this season. He's had other great seasons as well, but this year he's at that world class bracket.

    Can't be compared to Messi and Ronaldo mind! But I see no issue comparing him with Neymar

  • Salah is a Football Index MB and PB legend, that's all that matters to me!

    Whether or not he's World Class, depends on your definition. But he's certainly comparable to Harry Kane, i.e. brilliant, but yet to announce himself at a World Cup tournament.

  • Simply... Yes.... He could go play in any country in the world and be in the top 5 players in that league in my opinion. He's just starting to be recognised as such and he pulls egypt almost single handedly along by himself.

  • He's world class for sure. 1 of only 4 players who could command a fee at this moment of 200million plus IMO. Messi and Ronaldo are goats so there shouldn't really be a comparison with those two.

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