Contract Expiries

  • New to FI here and I was just wondering whether it's wise to start looking at players with contracts expiring in the summer and how astute these investments have tended to be in previous summers?

    The likes of Cavani, Chiellini, Gotze, Mertens, Willian and Vertonghen to name a few are all players who will be available for a free transfer very soon as far as I'm aware.
    Obviously there's a danger these players could take a big payday in the US or China; does history prove these to be smart moves for a quick flip or not?


  • @kainnufc Short term rise for sure due to transfer speculation. But if they do not join a PB (performance Buzz) league. Then their value will drop noticeably.

  • Cavani at .89 and Gotze at .92 seem like sensible shouts?
    Cavani has said he intends to stay in Europe until the 2022 WC with a preference to go to Spain (Atletico had 2 January bids turned down) and Gotze will have plenty of suitors after he announced he's leaving Dortmund.

  • @kainnufc Cavani to atletico probably bad for him due to atletico having a notoriously negative effect on players PB score. Götze probably has some legs, I’d stay clear of aging center backs personally but the likes of Chiellini could have the odd PB win due to him playing for a dominant team.
    Off the top of my head I think Thiago Silva has won this season, too injury prone for my liking though

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