Thoughts on my potential buys next week?

  • So taken alot of feedback from the forum recently (thanks!) these are going to be my buys.

    Phillip Max (£1.19) TOP UP - still great value
    Robin Gosens (£1.23) TOP UP - same as Max, great value
    Mykolenko (95p) TOP UP - a young prospect that should come good within 9-12 months. Euro too and hopefully a move to a PB league
    Semedo (68p) TOP UP - seen a rise recently and despite age, has alot of grwoth. Hopefully champs league and euros help his value
    Bednarek (48p) - can see alot of transfer spec for this baller, only 23 too

    Carlos Alena (£1.07) - will most likely get a move and had a nice, high peak. still young and underpriced imo
    Calhanlognu (£1.17) - great PB and great potential for PB. Still underpriced and just waiting for the boom

    Gerard Moreno (£1.21) - down from a massive peak of £1.60ish and has 7 PB wins. Loves a goal and has a great top 5 average. 27 years old but could provide decent dividend yield and CA
    Mateta (£1.07) - has passion, decent goal ratio and move flopped few months ago. Still very young
    Morata (88p) - may be slightly older but has good chance for CL divs due to progression over Liverpool. Euros starting striker too AFAIK

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