Kane for a 3 year hold?

  • Wish I bought him at 5.50, can see him being the top 5 players for media in the coming years especially if he ends up at Man U. I think he pay at least 60% of his price in divs in two years. Bruno has paid nearly 40% in only 4 months since I bought him.

  • Obviously you can’t say for sure cause there is a lot of speculating but I do agree with you.

    The most effective traders will trade in and out of Kane over the next three years, but he’ll be an incredible hold for the next three years, and I’m confident that the money I have in him is safe, so I feel no need to sell on a spike or anything like that.

  • @cowan86 I've held for about 3 weeks and have had roughly 6% in divs, not counting the double divs period in which he took top spot twice and placed once or twice more, and surely more to come today, hopefully at least 3p more coming tonight. Euros, world cup, transfer sagas, yes I think hes gonna be a very good one

  • @cowan86 i see him a madrid

  • Totally agree. For both divs and cap app I think he's a great hold.

  • Great hold Utd, Euros, World Cup and club and country captain it doesn't get any better

  • 0_1587157791441_20200417_220652.png 0_1587157803364_20200417_220811.png .........bought in only 6 weeks or so ago and hes already returned 34p in divs over 6%....by the end of lockdown that will be over15%.imo. not a bad 3 months for kane just wish ad had been on bruno aswell 😖.

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