The Boys from Brazil

  • Don’t usually post stuff like this, but looking to invest in one or Martinelli or Rodrygo. I’ve watched Martinelli a fair bit and I think he could have it all, whereas I’ve seen very little of Rodrygo, seems to have a lot of talent though and could be a good hype player. Anybody got any suggestions either way? I’m currently leaning towards Martinelli as I watch the PL more and he could get more game time with Auba potentially leaving

  • Rodrigo for me was holding but sold for a profit already but likely to get back on him if he drops in next fortnight

  • @ChazFI123 I’d personally go Martinelli just because Rodrygo is already at Madrid. Martinelli could still move to a bigger club than arsenal, whereas Rodrygo can’t really move to a bigger club than Madrid. Plus I think he’s actually the better player imo anyway

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  • @Andy I’ve done it, 100 Martinelli please drive! He’s massively impressed this season, can score goals with both feet, scored a great header as well I think, seems to have everything you want from a modern day forward, can score, can dribble, can press high etc! One of Arsenal’s forwards leaving in the summer would be ideal

  • @ChazFI123 good luck with him, he looked pretty good when Arteta came in. It helps his case considering he was still playing games when he took over, it at least shows that he rates the boy.
    And plus yeah, premier league exposure is always a bonus. And like I mentioned a move to a bigger club than arsenal is available if he starts to become a better player - can’t really move to a bigger club than Madrid as arguably there isn’t one.

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