• FI has well over 3000 footballers now in April 2020
    Is there still hundreds of players to add over the age of 21 or is it mainly going to be youngsters from here on?

  • @kaka8 every season the players being promoted to PB leagues from the Top 5's second tiers will need to be added. There are hundreds of players who are missing at this stage in both Europa and CL from teams such as Basel, who are in Europe every season and have some of Europa's highest scorers this season. It's all down to how thorough FI are.

    I'd have thought now would be the perfect time to add them, not a huge amount else going on and huge spreads stopping absolute carnage buying and selling.

  • They won’t happen until after the deposit bonus. Plus we’re waiting for the integration of NASDAQ which I imagine has been pushed back a month or two. I’d say June at the earliest.

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