Luiz Felipe

  • 75p 23 year old centre back for lazio. 7.03 rating on SofaScore and been linked with Barca today to replace pique (not for the first time.) contracted until June 2022 so won’t cost an arm and leg. Also, been linked with city and Bayern. I don’t see him as a lazio player this time next year and even if he is they will have champions league football so will have a chance to sign. For the reasons I’ve listed above I’m in for 400. By the way the link has come up as the wrong Felipe on the media rankings (classic fi) just look him up on google and u will see a plethora of links.

  • Just brought 100 shares in him. Watched him play for Lazio in the Super cup final v Juventus in December, remember him having a decent game by keeping Ronaldo quiet but I never thought to buy him at the time. Now with links to Barca an City it’s a no Brainier an 75p is a bargain his only 23 yrs old.

  • @Dav he’s been constantly linked with an exit and I don’t think it’s gunna stop. Hoping lazio just miss out to juve and that will mean he leaves hopefully

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