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  • New to the forums, only been on FI two days but thought I'd give my first one of these a go...

    Full disclosure: I got on Joao Mario yesterday at 31p. I did this on the basis of his price, the fact that his loan with Lokomotiv Moscow is coming to an end and he'll be returning to a PB league with Inter Milan.
    Additionally, he's still only 27 and well known to casual fans because of his previous loan spell in England.

    Admittedly, Joao Mario looks to be well out of the pecking order at Inter - but with him being a regular squad member in the Portugal national team he'll need game time in order to make their squad for Euro 2021 - assuming it's going ahead next year. There have been tentative links with Marseille from a couple of sources in Italy and France. A move to a decent team in Marseille and going to another PB league are all promising links. Even if he doesn't end up at Marseille, I don't think he'll be short of suitors who need someone with his experience of playing in top leagues and European competitions.

    In essence: 27 year old Portuguese international is returning to a PB league and in need of game time. I bought at 31p per share yesterday evening and at the time of writing he's gone up to 35p.

    Worth a shout IMO! Let me know what you think.

  • I'm holding 800. Great news because my port is waiting on some transfer activity. Or at least transfer chit chat. Need some hype to spark a revival!

  • Yeah him and Draxler I've taken an educated punt on given that I expect both to leave their respective clubs and wanting to reignite their careers. Not too old to be considered a good hold either. Early days but it's looking promising so far.

  • Think you can to a lot worse to be honest - at 38p there shouldn’t be too much risk involved.

    I’m surprised to see he’s only 27 - Moutinho at wolves is a similar player but 6 years older at 33, and he’s 64p.

    I’d say there’s a bit of money to be made if and when he returns to a Pb league.

    Oh and welcome to the index!

  • @BeanDrown Joao Mario and Joao Moutinho...really? How do they compare? I mean they have the same first name and are from Portugal but that's it.
    Moutinho takes set pieces and is in contention for PB every time he plays. That's why he's 64p.
    Joao Mario averages 50PB in his career. Even if he moves to a PB team he's unlikely to ever win PB. He hasn't so far

  • @Ben_pz well they’re both Portuguese, both midfielders, both creative and link play together, I’m hardly comparing chalk and cheese?

    I don’t think past PB scores are necessarily something to go by either, as a move to the right team or playing under the right manager can totally alter that.

    I know Moutinho is the better player of course, but I was looking more at the fact he’s 6 years older and not too far off double the price, and using that logic figured there’s some growth - you don’t have to win PB to make money 👍

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