£7k investment options

  • New to the forum, been on FI for around 18 months. Due to have £7k to invest in the coming days. Opinions please. Currently have 500 Bruno, should I double up to 1000 or buy 500 in other MB players, thinking maybe Kane or Neymar? Then use the remain to invest into a couple of transfer spec. My holds generally focus on long term cap app and MB with the occasional 'wonderkid' I don't tend buy and sell very often.

  • @Chaoli19 Bruno has shown that he can also be a pb player... So perhaps will hold value better than some others when football does return. Also has around £1 in sell queue that can very quickly be cancelled and lead to a price surge.

  • @Chaoli19 I have quite a bit of money in Kane and hes been a bit of a divs machine having returned me divs most days since I bought him. I bought my first 200 on 14/3, and my next 300 on 17/3 and in that time hes already yielded me £147 and shows no signs of slowing down. For however long we are without footy I think hes the best hold there is, and hes still a great hold when there is footy so my advice is get a good stake in him

  • @Chaoli19 Welcome aboard. It's a very nice time to be making that investment because of the 8.25% kick back promotion, so you'll get £577.50 in your account on the 24th. I'm sure you'll get a load of different suggestions on here and there are so many good options based on your longer term approach, i personally am using this time to build up a holding in Rashford and Sane. If you aren't interested in actively trading very regularly you can sit back and expect to see decent returns from both of them and in 3 years they'll still be in their prime.

  • @Vespasian32 and @MickTurbo both making good sense here as well, I agree with all of these.

  • @MickTurbo agree with you hugely here, he is in media daily and on his way to becoming my biggest dividend earner. I think we will see him move at some point. A move to Real wouldn't even be that bad especially if they do include Marca or other overseas media outlets and including the talk of opening the market to Spain/Germany. I generally believe Kane will be my longest hold

  • Bruno and Kane would be my suggestions if you want to sit back and relax and watch your money grow.

  • I’m in a similar position and looking to max out the current promotion with a decent deposit this week
    In order of preference have narrowed it down to ...
    Kane ticks every box
    Bruno massive pb potential and mb magnet
    Werner ticks a lot of boxes and probable bonus of German league starting up first
    Sane if move goes ahead to Munich massive potential and great long term play
    Foden with Silva our the door gonna play an increasingly prominent role at city and England

    For disclosure have some of these already but all top ups are gonna be spread into this crew this week

  • @BMCG 5 great players and holds you won't go wrong with any of them especially if FI platform goes German as I have seen mentioned a few times and back playing football first another bonus.

  • If it was me personally I'd probably look to put anything begween 1 and 2k in cheap players in bulk and the other 5/6k on MB players or players who were injured before the covid outbreak. With no football at the minute You can't really go wrong with the likes of sancho, Kane, pogba, neymar, depay, bruno, RLC, grealish, Ronaldo ect.

  • I don’t think you can go far wrong with some rashford he’s taken a rise lately but I think is still being held back with that injury I can see another surge once he’s declared fit , but certainly at the moment Kane looks like the main man on the market and I see no reason with the decent mb scores he’s getting why he can’t be king of the index after Sancho transfer clears

  • @Lloyddavies I wouldn't go as far as saying king of the index, he's nowhere near as big a draw as the likes of neymar, pogba ect. I hold him myself but I just can't see that happening

  • @Jamiearsenal93
    I don’t hold but can see he’s drawing a lot of interest from the market especially with the transfer saga going on if sancho deal is done as quickly as all party’s want it done Kane holders will in my eyes reap the rewards

  • @Jamiearsenal93 as soon as a club show actual interest in him he will be in the top 3 and I think he’s a bigger draw than Neymar with a move to Man Utd will be top dog

  • @Chaoli19 I put a good chunk of money in two weeks ago for this bonus. I went a bit different too most. I ignored the MB players and premium £5+ players. Put about 30% into the £3 to £4 bracket.

    The majority went into the 75p to £1.50 PB market. So much value there at the moment. Some of these have already risen by 20%, many others by 10%. These should return future PB wins, with sizeable holdings, and good CA.

  • Kane and Pogba are the best holds for dividends right now however I now hold neither because I think they are very risky long term holds as their price depends very much on whose shirt they are wearing next season!

    Bruno is the safest bet on the Index in my opinion I hold and will continue to hold as he is a true MB and PB hybrid at the right club for the next 3 years

    Rashford also has a lot of growth especially if Sancho signs for united so you can’t go wrong there!

    Good luck whatever you decide and enjoy that bonus in a few days time

  • Don't disagree with any of the wise and wonderful on here. However, if I had that sort of capital to invest and like to sit back a bit my choice would be Haarland (EBH). At 19 he has enormous potential in my eyes. Dortmund could be flying in the bundesliga next season so CL potential, almost certain to get PB as his goals and assists speak for themselves and if needed some MB from the Man Utd and Real rumours in spite of the fact there is some buy out clause in his contract until 2022 - it won't stop the rumour mill rolling. All this and only 19 - he could, and I did say could, be the next best thing since Ronaldo, Messi et al in my eyes. If Sancho, his team mate, is £12 plus he has to be £7 or £8 minimum. We are not talking about a 30 year old here - he is probably the best young gun around at the moment.

  • @Gary-T Agreed, He is a machine. Put £600 in him yesterday and already gone up 9p a share. It wont be long til he hits £7 plus mark.

  • @NewUser54133 I'd second that. I only had a small holding of him but I sold up a couple days ago. I was getting furustrated as I got in on the higher end and then he had a big dip and once I made enough to cover the commission so I wasn't at a loss I just topped up Messi

  • I’d go with Werner and Bellingham both will have transfers in the coming months with a lot of room for further rises

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