Salah v Kane

  • I’m having a bit of a dilemma on whether to buy Salah or Kane!
    I have £400 to spend and already hold 40 Kane’s.
    I’m guessing Kane would be more valuable for World Cup, but Salah is on fire.
    Any advice would be welcomed

  • Personally I would buy Salah if you already have Kane.
    Wouldn't want all my eggs in one basket so to speak.
    However I'm new to this only been on about a week so one of the more experienced guys may be better placed to offer advice.

  • @Comrade I'd agree. Got 2 sets of futures going for PB and MB and also minimises risk of an injury plummeting prices so much and destroying your portfolio.

  • @Comrade also I have both and for me personally Salah has given me significantly better dividend returns

  • Kane has practically no dividend return at the minute whereas Salah is a dividend machine at the minute. Salah has CL treble chances (would have won on Wednesday night had he not gone off) and Kane doesn't. Kane on the other hand will rise at least £1 between now and WC, akin to 10/12% plus MB in the build up. Salah price has been pretty flat since his huge rise after 4 goals and subsequent MB domination. Who knows where his price will go but one can assume upwards with his CL prospects and MB game. Leaning towards Salah for sure, but seeing as you have 40 Kane already its a pretty solid vote for Salah from me

  • Full disclosure I hold both in equal measure and have done for a while.

  • Salah has it all, Kane IMO will take the biggest kicking of all player after the WC

  • @SMacFI oh go its going to be brutal when England go out the WC isn't it

  • @Pierrey2129 Oh god *

  • @Pierrey2129 said in Salah v Kane:

    @SMacFI oh go its going to be brutal when England go out the WC isn't it

    Not just England mate every team, as we have seen in the late stages of the European cups, and even more so if a favourite goes out early, it will be pure carnage on a daily basis

  • @SMacFI yeah good shout tbf, timing will be everything for those holding solely for WC buzz

  • Kane hasn’t even proved fitness yet.

  • Yeah, I hold both in roughly equal measure.

    Over the last 3 months Salah has delivered significantly better dividends than Kane, but form (and injuries) come and go, so a sensible approach would be to not put all your eggs in one basket.

    I also hold Neymar too.

    These "big gun" type players are incredible. Even when they're injured they have the ability to return MB dividends. Ok, a single MB dividend only returns circa 0.4% to 0.6% on their share price, but the regularity of their wins means that you have an almost constant supply of income, week to week.

  • I hold neither, my advice would be to try get Kane in the sale que a week before the tourney starts, as no one will buy in the sell queue when things start going south, and he could easily drop a minimum of a £1 but I will stick my neck out and say nearer £2 after the WC

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