M'baye Niang or Gerard Deulofeu

  • M'Baye Niang:
    Top scorer for Rennes who are due to break into Europe next season
    Great pedigree from Milan, could be a transfer in 12 months
    Three PB scores over 170 this season

    Gerard Deulofeu:
    Surely Watford have a better season next year. Remember, Nigel Pearson was the manager to start the wings of Albrighton and Mahrez at Leicester! Gerard managed two PB scores of over 200 this season.
    He can't stay at Watford forever, all due respect!

    I just fancy one of this pair though I'm unsure who.

  • Neither - Ismail Sarr is your man. I have seen all three at Watford..

  • @Happy-Hornet but he is more than double the price and has produced just 2 PB scores of over 170 this season.

    I understand that he has hype behind him and a move in the future but I don't see him being a huge amount higher FI value than Deulofeu.

    I don't doubt he's the better player, particularly if you watch them live, but for FI..?

  • @Lukeroro nah @Happy-Hornet is correct - Sarr's your man irrespective of being double the price and not having hit the peak scored consistently yet, here's why:

    1. He's only played a handful of 90 mins for us - each of which coincided with our better form under Pearson
    2. He was carrying injuries until he got his proper run of games from late November until his initial injury in mid-Jan, then came exploding back on the scene with the x2 goals and awesome display in the 3-0 v Liverpool
    3. He's four years younger than Deulofeu & Niang
    4. I've watched all three of these boys live very closely, and I'm telling you in terms of raw talent and certainly potential, Sarr is superior. He's too good for us, no question - I'd be delighted if we could keep him for another season but it's only a matter of time before one of Europe's big boys come calling
    5. His international team mate Sadio Mane thinks he's the next big thing - even hinting he'd love to team up with him at Anfield

    If he fulfils his potential, he's a bargain at his current price.

  • Cheers Hornets. That's definitive! I'm gonna get a cheeky couple hundred on payday!

    What do you think about Deulofeu? You think he'll stay or go?

  • @Lukeroro if he didn't get the injury in late Feb I'd say he'd already have one foot out the door. As it is, he'll probably play his way back to fitness with us whenever the footy resumes, and if he can recapture his form he may then get a move.

    To be frank, talent-wise, Deulofeu would not be badly out of place were he still at Barca. The reason he's at Watford is due to the fact his talent is not matched by his consistency or attitude. I don't mean that he has a bad attitude per-se, but if he had the discipline / temperament of a top top player, he'd never have drifted to our comparatively lower level.

    Sarr, on the other hand, has it all - talent, temperament, work ethic - he'll be plying his trade in the Champions League sooner rather than later and we'll all wish him well (as long as we get more ££ than the £30million we paid)

  • I'm going to answer your question rather than pump other players. Full disclosure- I hold neither.

    Deulofeu for me. He's one I've wanted to invest in for quite a while but whenever I get some cash, someone else always gets in front of him in the queue. He's only just turned 26 so plenty of time and hopefully heading into his more consistent days. He's the type of player that I reckon alot of clubs have a scout on him. A good run of form and a bigger fish will have a serious look. At .99p he's a decent punt. Probably not the best .99p punt out there,but a solid one.

    Niang seems a bit of a twat. Capable of good runs of form. But he could be one of these players who is talented but themselves hold them back.

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